LifeGift announces “School Zones”

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The LifeGift app is the world’s only emotion-based system designed to help prevent car crashes, serious injuries, and fatalities, involving distracted drivers, cyclist, and pedestrians using their mobile phones.

“What if we could save lives by preventing distracted driving in our communities, and raise much-needed funds for our schools? With LifeGift School-Zones You Can,” said, Remo Behdasht, LifeGift Creator.

According to the National Safety Council, in the United States alone, every year 1.6 million crashes are caused by mobile phone use while driving, and with it close to 400,000 injuries and fatalities. On a global level governments are spending billions of dollars on this epidemic with limited impact. Studies show that peoples FOMO on calls, emails, and all types of instant-messages is greater than a perspective on their own safety. This has a great impact on our communities on a daily basis.

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LifeGift School-Zones is tool for schools to contribute in making their communities safer, and raise much-needed funds through the 50% of shared revenues program with LifeGift. This is a great alternative to selling chocolates, or cookies which do the opposite of keeping our communities healthy, and safe.

How It Works is Simple

1. Schools simply contact LifeGift at to start the program. They sign the agreement.
2. LifeGift creates a specific referral code for that school with a 1-month free trial.
3. Students then give the referral code to everybody they know via door-to-door or social media, and can be unlimited in number free to share.
4. When people who have used the school’s referral code buy a LifeGift Link Token, LifeGift will allocate 50% of the net revenues to the school.

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