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Independent development team, Yunasoft has announced the release and immediate availability of Kalends 1.0.2, their calendar app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Kalends helps busy iOS device users to organize their lives. The app’s multiple calendar views, reminders function, notes feature, handy full month widget, and more all make Kalends as efficient as it is fun to use.

In addition to the app’s calendar functionality, Kalends also allows users to create check-list reminders for upcoming events, as well as make notes which can include including photos. Kalends also includes a huge number of fun stickers that users can place directly on their calendar view like a virtual post-it, allowing them to mark an important day or to simply decorate and personalize their calendar however they wish.

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“Kalends is the most fun you’ll ever have in a calendar app and it makes your daily calendar come alive,” says Yunasoft CEO Robert Kwon. “The app’s handy, full-month widget provides instant access to your Kalends schedule from your lock screen or control center. Your calendar is always a swipe away!”

Features Include:
* Multiple calendar views (month, weekday and day)
* Reminders
* Note
* Weather forecast
* Widget calendar
* Stickers
* Marker to mark important days on the calendar view

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Kalends’ full-month widget offers convenient, instant access to an entire month of a user’s Kalends calendar schedule is just a swipe away, viewable directly from their device’s Lock Screen or Control Center.

While Kalends would be incredibly useful if it only included calendar functionality, there is much more to the app than just that. Check-list reminders allow users to stay informed about upcoming events and tasks, and its notes function allow the user to write handy notes, which can also include photos, making the feature much more than a simple note function.

Other functions include:
* Month, week, day, reminder and note list view
* Customizable Home Screen icon
* Mark important days with a designed marker
* Tons of cute stickers
* Custom alert sounds
* Notes functionality with photos
* Search through 30 years of events, reminders, and notes
* Weather forecasts to help users plan their day
* Print or export Notes and Calendars as PDF
* Customize everything: text size, theme color, days of the week, and more

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“We’ve made Kalends as fun to use as it was to create! Enjoy clever animations, sounds, and vibrations as you decorate your calendar and schedule your life,” continues Robert. “If users have a suggestion for something we can improve, we’d love to hear from them!”

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