Jamf offers same-day support for Apple spring OS releases

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Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, announced its entire product portfolio is prepared with both compatibility and key feature support for Apple’s spring operating system releases, which became generally available today. 

For nearly a decade, Jamf has offered same-day support for all Apple releases to ensure its 36,000+ customers, who rely on Jamf to manage 15 million Apple devices, can take advantage of new Apple technology as soon as it becomes available.

In addition to ensuring continued workflow compatibility across its mobile device management (MDM) solutions for the enterprise (Jamf Pro), schools (Jamf School), small businesses (Jamf Now), and security teams (Jamf Protect) Jamf also offers support for Apple’s key new features that improve the user experience, while upholding privacy and security – specifically Shared iPad for business, macOS Activation Lock management and tethered caching support and enhanced visibility.

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