ITsavvy now an official Apple Watch Reseller for Enterprise

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ITsavvy, a rapidly growing Apple product reseller, just announced that they are now authorized to offer the Apple Watch to enterprises. The Apple Watch for business features all of the consumer-based apps and integrates well into many industries such as healthcare, legal and manufacturing.

ITsavvy President and CEO Mike Theriault said, “We are especially enthusiastic about the Apple Watch Series 4. Providing the Apple Watch to employees as part of a corporate wellness program is an excellent way for organizations to send the message that they care about employees while, at the same time, enhancing accessibility during the business day and helping employees work more efficiently.”

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Series 4 represents a fundamental redesign and re-engineering of the Apple Watch that includes a larger display and more power. It tracks calories, monitors heart rate, has fall detection and emergency SOS. It understands how the wearer exercises-from running to yoga to swimming- and tracks every metric all while streaming Apple Music. The watch displays daily movement as three simple metrics: move, exercise, and stand within a simple goal-inspired framework.

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Wearers can take a call, use the walkie-talkie function and leverage all the benefits of Apple’s Siri personal assistant. The real value of the Apple Watch isn’t necessarily the functions it performs, but the functions it enables the wearer to perform efficiently and without distraction.

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