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You would probably agree with me that an iPhone is pretty expensive.

I recently bought my new iPhone (no case yet), and I did have to blink when the sales person mentioned the price. It was close to 4 figures.

I stared at him. He stared at me. And without a blink I got out my credit card and paid. Walking outside I did took a deep sigh. This was an investment!

And this investment needed protection. My brand new phone needed proper protection. But also “cool” protection.

I’m the kind of person who likes to show off with my “toys” without showing off. What this meant for my phone was that I wanted the logo to be visible when my phone was wearing its jacket.

Previous Experience

I consider myself an early adaptor. Not an innovator, but someone who gets her gadgets pretty quick (I’ve got one of those robotic hoovers as well; and more of course).

I started with an iPhone 3G when it was about a year on the market. Still an early adopter, because most people still had blackbarries (what?) and Nokia’s (do they still exist?).

For my phone I bought a case that was a tight fit, but one that did “work”. I could go for my run with it and if it would fall (which it never did) it would probably survive.

My partner on the other hand eventually also bought an iPhone 3G and collected a total of 4 cases. None of them worked, because she decided to keep the phone in her purse without any protection. If you look at that phone now, you can clearly see the wear and tear. Not very good!

After 2 years of my first phone, I upgraded to a newer model. This was a major improvement over my old phone. With the phone I got myself a protective case immediately. I think the brand was iLuv.

I had a black Phone (wrong choice. I have a white iPhone 5 now and a white iPad. Much nicer). So my phone was black, and my protective case was white. The case was made of silicon. And had a closed back. Not the one I wanted, but I bought it in a hurry. And probably paid too much money for it as well.

The case in and by itself did what it had to do. It protected my phone. But, and there is a but…

I had to wash it every week, because it did become greasy. And since I like my gadgets to look good, I did exactly that: wash my phone and case every week.

This time round, I got myself a proper case. Exactly the way I want it. It’s a so-called bumper case. One that will protect when my phone should drop. But still leaves the logo visible.

The Finale

Spend some time on getting yourself the right case (my partner has a new phone as well, and I can predict that she will eventually get herself a new case again).

There are plenty of sites that will help you with that.

Then go and shop online. Don’t shop online first. First do your research, and get your self the best iPhone case.

Good luck!

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