iLuv SmashBox 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker Case (Blue)

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iLuv SmashBox 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker Case (Blue)

iLuv SmashBox 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker Case (Blue)

  • Sturdy and convenient zipper case with speakers protects your MP3 player
  • Ideal for iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 players–players connect via a 3.5-mm audio input
  • Powerful built-in speakers deliver 8.2 watts of crystal-clear stereo sound
  • Hanging clip for snapping to belt loop, backpack, etc.
  • Operates with two AA batteries (not included)

Compatible with iPhone, iPhone 3G/3Gs, iPod Touch 1G/2G, iPod Nano 1G/2G/3G/4G, iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod 4G & iPod Mini, protects iPod with sturdy and convenient zipper case, powerful built-in speakers allow users to hear music with depth and clarity, loud & high-quality stereo sound, compatible with any audio devices with 3.5mm jack, includes hanging clip for belt loop or backpack, requires 2 aa batteries, blue.The iSP110 from iLuv is a portable amplified speaker case, perfect for iPods, iPhones, and other MP3 players. Just throw your device in the case and take it anywhere–camping, to a picnic, or anywhere else you want some portable tunes. A portable amplified speaker case, perfect for iPods, iPhones, and other MP3 players. Click to enlarge. Most modern portable MP3 and music players will fit snugly in the iSP110’s zipper case. Available in blue, pink, or black. iSP110 Portable Amplified Stereo Speaker Case Perfect for Portables
Most modern portable MP3

List Price: $ 14.99

Price: $ 6.52

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3 thoughts on “iLuv SmashBox 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker Case (Blue)

  1. 123 of 128 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Buy this! I would have paid $20-30!, July 7, 2010

    This review is from: iLuv SmashBox 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker Case (Blue) (Electronics)

    I bought this after looking at much more expensive options. I wanted something to take to the pool, or beach for background/secondary music listening.. And.. this product will not disappoint for such use. It has much better than expected sound, and lots of features. For starters, my Sony MP3 and headphones fit nicely inside this speaker (zips up, and has a pocket inside to hold your MP3). So, as many have said, it carries and it protects your devise (has a clip for your bag, belt or whatever). Also, at this price, you can afford to toss it around a bit and not worry over it. I have had several friends, who have expensive speakers, and said they like mine. The batteries have lasted a really long time (I assume that they use little power, since your MP3 has it’s own power source). So, you won’t go through many batteries. I’ve used mine for several hours (6-12), and still have a bright red battery life indicator light. This speaker does a superb job for background music, and the sound is great for this type of use. I turn my MP3 up about 2/3 of full volume and I can hear music nicely from about 5-15 feet. You should note that this will not compare to a boom-box style radio’s sound, and this will not produce big enough sound for folks to dance to, as that’s not it’s purpose. However, it does produce very nice sound with good bass for close to mid-range patio, or pool listening. It’s also fairly loud for it’s size (I would estimate about 2/3 as loud your clock radio turned up full-blast, but with a bit better bass response, and a bit better sound quality. You could also store small jewelry and cash etc inside with your MP3/Phone.

    On the downside… who could complain for $10. But, if I have to, a larger phone or MP3 might not fit inside this speaker (for carry). So, you might use this with the slimmer version IPODS etc. I still think it’s worth it no matter what. It would be nice if there were an external volume switch, and a water-proof design on this. I’ve taken mine to the pool, and it’s been splashed and still works fine. I doubt it would take a large splash though, but think it would protect your devise from damage. Still, for just $10, what do you expect? Hopefully, they will produce even better versions of this speaker, as I would like a larger one with the above

    For the price, this speaker will perform with others which are 2-3 times more expensive. And, this unit is more portable with no need to plug it in. You will not be dissapointed at this purchase! I would have paid $20-30 for this speaker and feel it’s nearly perfect for it’s intended use (not to mention it’s price)!
    Enjoy –

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  2. 54 of 58 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good for what it is, but could have been more, April 5, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: iLuv SmashBox 3.5mm Aux Portable Speaker Case (Blue) (Electronics)


    … Sturdy case with convenient flap to hold mp3 device.
    … Large enough not to get misplaced easily, maybe a bit too large.
    … Quality sound but not loud enough (see cons).
    … Battery life reasonably good, use of AA batteries a plus versus non-replaceable rechargeable battery.


    … Case is a bit on the large side, photos make it seem smaller than it is. This is a plus or minus depending on your use.
    … Should be much louder, difficult to hear in automobile at highway speeds. I have another (smaller) portable speaker that is much louder, with no loss in quality. It’s not as sturdy though so consider the tradeoff.
    … While battery life is good there is no “sleep” mode if you leave the speakers on, even when not attached to a device. So you’ll get 10 – 12 hours of usage from 2 cheap AA’s but that can be used up in a day if you forget to switch off the speakers when not in use.

    Best use scenarios — When you want to use your mp3 player without headphones while still mobile, eg. bicycle riding, hiking, etc. Also useful for portable CD players (remember those?) and laptops with lousy speakers. And by the pool if it’s not too noisy; the sturdy protective case will protect your iPod.

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  3. 21 of 22 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Amplified Speaker !!!, December 26, 2010
    Jon Knowlton (Tucson, Az USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    This speaker is great for the price and size!

    The first thing I’d like to talk about is the product quality and design. This product is actually a carrying case with two speakers on the outside and is larger than I expected from the photo (4 in. X 7 in.). The case is somewhat hard and will protect your source device from falls. It takes two AA batteries that you install by unzipping the case and removing the battery cover on the side of the case where the speakers are located. Inside the case there is enough room to fit a generation 2 full sized iPod. There is an additional pocket on the inside part of the aft case to secure the source device. To connect the speakers to the device there is a stereo plug similar to ones used in for iPod headphones. The speakers themselves are protected by a plastic bar that crosses over the top of them (which will allow little fingers to push on them so if you have kids you will not want them playing with this case). You can attach the speaker case to anything you’d like with the sturdy clasp. My wife has her’s hanging off of her jogging stroller when she takes the babies while jogging.

    The sound of these speakers exceeded my expectations for such a low price. Now they are not high fidelity speakers but they will sound the same as any desktop computer speaker system that does not have a sub-woofer. These speakers blow away any laptop speakers that I have heard so far (much clearer and louder). With the volume set on these speakers as high as they will go without distorting it will actually leave your ears ringing if held up next to your ears (assuming you don’t attend rock concerts daily). The battery life for this product is pretty good as well. My wife has had it about a month with listening to it for about 20-hours and we still haven’t had to replace the batteries.

    Overall this is a great product if your looking for something more than the laptop speakers or pre-installed speakers built into jogging strollers.

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