iHome Portable Speaker for MP3 Players (Pink Neon)

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iHome Portable Speaker for MP3 Players (Pink Neon)

iHome Portable Speaker for MP3 Players (Pink Neon)

  • Speaker works with any 3.5 mm headphone jack, perfect for laptops, phones, portable game devices, MP3 players, etc.
  • Size defying sound – Vacuum bass design provides surprising volume and bass response in a small space-saving speaker that fits in your hand
  • Built-in rechargeable battery – Long-lasting rechargeable internal lithium ion battery
  • Collapsible speaker can be used singly or get two for simulated stereo – Twist speaker to expand
  • Use two for simulated stereo or a single speaker for mono

The iHM60 is an amazing approach to audio that offers size defying sound. Speaker connects to a computer or other USB power source via the included USB cable to recharge the internal lithium ion battery. Remarkable vacuum bass design delivers surprising volume and bass response in a speaker that fits in your palm. Perfect for laptops, cell phones, iPhone, iPod and other MP3 players (any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack).

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 15.90

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3 thoughts on “iHome Portable Speaker for MP3 Players (Pink Neon)

  1. 868 of 884 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    H O L Y C R A P ! ! ! This little thing blows me away! (UPDATED), August 17, 2011
    1.4.the.team (United States) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    Ok, I bought this hoping it would work as a car audio system in an old noisy truck; I’m pleased to say it works perfectly for that! Read on…

    So I bought an old truck recently (circa 1984). It’s missing a stereo, and I use this truck 5 days a week for work. I don’t want to put any money into this truck; but I really miss my tunes. I only use my iPhone for music, but it just doesn’t get loud enough to hear over the clatter of an old diesel truck. All I needed was a cheap car amp and speakers for audio (no head unit, I would use my iPhone). Unfortunately, this kind of setup would still cost me a minimum $100 and the time to install. Then I ran across this little gem…

    Long story short, this speak gets loud, VERY LOUD! If you crank it up all the way, it just starts to distort, just a little. About 90% volume is perfect in my old noisy truck. I can clearly hear the music, its surprisingly loud, and I can even hear a little bass. On top of that, it charges off my USB car charger (along with my iPhone). It’s perfect for me!

    +Plugs into iPhone (or any other device) with standard 3.5 mm headphone cable (included!)
    +Bass design – No exaggerating, this speaker has VERY surprising volume and bass for its size! Really!
    +Rechargeable battery – no idea how long this lasts, but it’s the best battery available, a lithium ion! I’m surprised they put such an expensive battery in this. Most companies would settle for a cheaper Ni-CD battery.
    +Collapsible – it gets even tinier for easy travel/portability. This would be great to pack in a suitcase, backpack, glove box, purse, bike bag, etc.
    +Expandable – you can link 2 of these together for simulated stereo – I may just try this.
    +Charges with standard USB plug – I charge it off my iPhone car charger while in the car, and my laptop when at home (blows the laptop speakers away too)
    +Comes with carrying case and all required cables
    +Portable – no permanent setup. I can use it in my truck, at the beach, camping, on a hike, on my bike, in the yard while working, etc!

    +None found yet. I’ll update this review if I do.

    In Conclusion…
    This speaker is DEFINITELY worth the $20 I paid. In fact, I think I would have been just as satisfied if I paid $30 or even $40 for such an amazing little speaker. I say if your on the fence, TRY IT! Return it if you really don’t like it. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be pleased with it. If there is a better speaker at this price point, I would REALLY like to know! I can’t imagine it’s possible.

    I wrote my original review on this product in August 2011. I’ve now owned this product for a total of 1 year, 1 month.

    I love this little speaker. I no longer have the big loud truck, so I’ve retired the little speaker to in and around the house and office; and occasionaly outside for yard work. It’s a great small speaker to bring with you everywhere to fill a room with plenty of sound; louder then I ever imagined. I can listen to spoken podcasts clearly, or music as loud as is comfortable for my ears while I work on my projects.

    It still sounds, operates, and looks as good as the day I received it. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and the price I paid. If you are looking for a small, affordable speaker to boost your phone, laptop, iPod, iPad, or whatever; this is definately highly recommend by me.

    I’m a very pleased, very impressed, and very satisfied customer.

    Thanks iHome. We appreciate quality products at fair prices. Please keep it up and never give up on quality.

    [Please Vote!]
    I hope this review gives you some insight and help with your choice, and a little knowledge from an unbiased owner. If so, please click on “YES” below this review to vote it as helpful. Thanks!

    (Thanks for the questions, comments and votes fellow Amazon shoppers… keep them coming too!)

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  2. 585 of 606 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good sound quality, but will walk right off the table…, June 3, 2011
    Banjo29 (Seattle, WA USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I purchased this and four other brands/models because I wanted to hear with my own ears which ones were the best in this micro portable speaker category.
    The ones I tried were:
    X-Mini Max II Capsule Speakers (White)
    X-Mini II Capsule Speaker (Red)
    Satechi SD Mini Portable Pocket Speaker
    iHome iHM60LT Rechargeable Mini Speaker (Blue Translucent)
    iTour-POP Ultra Portable Rechargeable Speaker
    I did not include the Altec Lansing iM-237 Orbit Speaker since it is not rechargeable.

    Sound quality, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best of the group, and 1 being the built-in speaker in an iPhone or iPod Touch:
    iTour: 10/10
    iHome: 8.5/10
    Satechi: 7
    X-Mini II: 7
    X-Mini Max II: 4

    The iTour-POP wins it, no contest really. Amazing full sound and low distortion from a speaker this size. It’s a little bigger in diameter than the others, but not as tall. Stays put, even at high volume. The next three all sound pretty good, if you didn’t hear them side by side with the others, you’d be pretty satisfied with purchasing any of them. These three all suffer from ‘walking’ across the table at high volume, the bass thumps just make them jump a little with every beat, with the iHome being the worst at that. Not a huge deal, but it could drag itself and your $150 Nano of the counter and onto the floor… The Satechi is the only one with the built-in SD slot, which is pretty cool.
    Finally, the X-Mini Max II: what a disapointment, horrible sound quality compared to the rest, especially the lower frequencies. Very tinny and distorts more than the others. Cross this one off your list.

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  3. 74 of 87 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Amazing sound from tiny size, November 20, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    So I’m in the shower on the second floor jamming out to some music with this thing plugged into my iPhone with the volume on the phone set to 13/15. I hear a text from my wife then a phone call from my wife. I obviously can’t answer because I’m in the shower. She then bursts into the bathroom, turns off the speaker, and says “TOO LOUD!” I was on the second floor, she was on the first. This thing is awesome!

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