How to get a job in the app industry


Nowadays almost everybody got an iPhone or some other smartphone like Samsung or Huawei. Many people also got an iPad, tablet or a Apple Watch or some other wearable.

All these devices got apps on them, apps makes these gadget work and makes them interesting and entertaining. Working in the app industry is something many people dream of. Who wouldn’t want to work on Google apps or some hugely viral app like Angry Birds and so on?

But for many people these thoughts are just dreams. Why? Because it is almost impossible to get a job at the big brand companies everybody know about. But finding other job listings is a problem, and even finding good employers another problem.

But there are some guidelines to follow that will land you the app job you want.

Finding a job opening at Google or Twitter may be close to impossible, but there are lots of other opportunities, especially in the games category of apps. For some reason everybody has games on their smartphones. And getting hired at a gaming company is much easier than finding the “next big thing”.

To get hired you just identify the leading gaming app companies, and find their websites to apply for a job opening. Some of these companies even have their own recruitment sites like LeoVegas Careers, but here are lots of other popular games that are actively advertising for people to hire.

There are also other app categories you should consider, but the strategy outlined above will be a good help in getting you a career in the app industry.

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About the Author: Gunnar Andreassen

Gunnar Andreassen is a writer, editor and journalist. And a huge Apple fan! Featured on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX.