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We all use Safari to visit various website each day, and almost daily we try to find new websites to provide us with news, services, goods or information. But for the most part we visit and use the sites we usually do, we seldom find other websites to bookmark and use them regularly.

There are several reasons for this, the number one reason is that we already have bookmarked or favorited the websites we are most common with. However, there are lots of quality websites and even new websites you probably have never heard of. And many of these sites are better than the ones you are using now.

But how do you find them?

Using a search engine will likely give you give you search results with stuff you already know. This is because search engines like Google are supposed to display the most relevant search results. But you could also try search engines like Bing, Yahoo or even DuckDuckGo.

But there is another way to finding the best websites: directories.

Directories are like search engines, but with one big difference: directories are human edited. That means all links are manually checked and sorted. So by using a internet directory you will find lots of links to quality websites.

And since the websites are sorted into categories you will also find links to websites that are relevant for you. One of the biggest online directories is Three Link Directory.

The directory is organized into several main categories and further into several thousand subcategories, depending on the subject. Here are the main categories:

Computers and web
Kids and teens
Real estate

This directory is a international website directory, but there are also national directories like, which is a Norwegian business website directory.

You could even try a search engine to find a directory for your niche, nation or area of interest.

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