Heart Reports helps you generate detailed PDF reports about your health

Heart Reports

Peter Viszt today released Heart Reports 1.3.5 for iPhone. With Heart Reports, you can generate detailed PDF reports about your health based on the data stored in the Health app on your iPhone which you can easily share with your doctor. 

It takes advantage of the data captured by your Apple Watch and other smart health devices, like blood pressure monitors or blood glucose meters that’s already stored in the Health app, but you can input data manually as well. You decide whether to include graphs, averages, blood pressure, and other data in the report.

Detailed graphs give you an at-a-glance overview of your heart’s overall health and activity. You can display blood pressure on the report, as well as your heart rate variability and summaries of the high and low heart rate notifications. A separate section also available just for your blood sugar levels. 

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You simply generate a PDF that can be exported to the Files app and sent to a doctor using the built-in sharing features in iOS. Or, save your data in a CSV file (you can customize and reorder the columns) which can be easily processed in desktop apps like Excel or Numbers.

Viszt explains what motivated him to write this app:

“Last December, I was at the doctor’s office and my doctor noticed I was wearing an Apple Watch. He asked me if I could share the data collected on the watch with him. I went into the Health app and ended up looking for a share option for a few minutes. Turns out there’s no way to export data in a readable format. The best I could do was to create a screenshot. So I started learning iOS development and Swift to create an app that generates a PDF report which can be shared with anyone easily.”

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The app already earned appreciation from its users:

“I was looking for an easy way to get data out of Apple Health to send to my doctor and this app was perfect! Its data and presentation are clear and beautiful! Thank you so much for making this app!

“My Uncle needed to share his Apple Watch heart data with his doctor and this app was PERFECT! Kudos to the developer for creating such a cool and useful app.”

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Heart Reports Features
* Export an excel file or show data on a PDF report about your heart rate
* Detailed graphs for a quick overview
* Display blood pressure and blood sugar on the report
* Summary of high and low heart rate notifications
* Show heart rate variability, step count, sleep time and more

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