Graphic Inspector addresses macOS Catalina memory bug

Zevrix Solutions

Zevrix Solutions has released Graphic Inspector 2.4.6, a security update to company’s quality control solution for images and vector graphic files. The software can check entire folders of documents for potential problems according to specific workflow requirements. Graphic Inspector is the only tool on the market that lets the graphics industry professionals inspect both raster images and Adobe Illustrator documents.

The new version addresses an issue that made Graphic Inspector hang when retrieving icon previews for large batches of files on macOS Catalina. The problem was eventually traced to a memory bug introduced on macOS 10.15. The new update restores uninterrupted file processing of large image folders by Graphic Inspector. In the meantime, the display of icon previews on Catalina is temporarily suspended even if this option is checked in the app’s preferences. Until a workaround is found, Graphic Inspector will always display generic icons for all files.

“Graphic Inspector displays every bit of useful information about vector or raster graphic files and flags the ones that match rules you define,” writes Jay Nelson in Layers magazine. “With its combination of price, utility, and thoughtful design, Graphic Inspector is a rare gem.”

Graphic Inspector is designed to help users of any trade, whether it’s print, prepress, web design, or digital photography. For example, users can quickly locate files whose color mode is CMYK, format – TIFF, resolution is below 300 dpi, ICC profile isn’t “US Web Coated” and so on. The app offers the following key features:

* Check multiple images and vector files for potential problems
* Customizable checkup presets
* Common checks such as resolution, color mode, ICC profile
* Professional prepress checks: spot colors, fonts in vector files, image compression and more
* Search image EXIF, IPTC and GPS metadata

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