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In a day and age where everyone is on the go, whether it be for business or pleasure, there are many options as to how to get around. GoEuro, a free app, and web-based platform aims to not only simplify travel planning but offers a variety of modes to get from place to place. While it presents options for travel by trains, buses, and flights, there is a distinct benefit to buses and trains, in particular, ranging from cost to eco-friendliness.

One of the main factors that can influence a decision on mode of transportation is time. Booking with GoEuro gives users all the options at-a-glance, so they can work out which will be the most time efficient. Thanks to Europe’s many high-speed trains, some routes are faster by train than flight. That includes trips from London to Paris or Madrid to Valencia, where in some cases it’s possible to shave off up to three and a half hours. Not only are travel times shorter, the time spent at security and baggage claim is also almost completely removed from train or bus travel. Meanwhile, trips from Amsterdam to Brussels or Brussels to Paris can be faster by bus when compared with air travel.

In addition to saving travelers time, taking a train or bus can also save money. While securing low fares for a plane often requires purchasing tickets well in advance, many buses and trains offer more stable fares, as well as special offers and discounts. Using GoEuro not only enables travelers to assess the quickest travel time, it also identifies which option is the most cost-effective, by presenting pricing for three modes in one place.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of opting out of flying is not just a benefit to travelers, but rather the whole planet. According to Reuters, carbon emissions in the European Union rose 1.8% in 2017 despite efforts to lower them. A flight from London to Paris, one of the most popular travel routes booked on GoEuro, produces roughly 122,1 kg (about 1.22 metric tons) of CO2, which is almost a fourth of what a car produces in a year. Only 14,9 kg (.149 metric tons) of CO2 is produced by train on the same trip.

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