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Most of us probably should have done more to get in better shape. But for most people motivation is the big hurdle. And most of us do not have access to a personal trainer that can provide motivation to do exercises and give you a fitness program for you to follow.

You personal health is important, and many have at one time or another been thinking “if I just had a personal trainer I could get in great shape” or something along those lines.

With the Fitter U you actually get your own motivational coach and personal trainer on your iPod. They guy in your ears will be Yuri Elkaim, a respected fitness instructor and personal trainer.

Fitter U is a 12-week weight loss workout program that is designed to be used with your iPod. That means you will never fall prey to giving up to soon, because you’ll have your personal trainer on your headphones to keep you going. You’ll literally feel as if he is right there beside you.

Fitter U features special exercises and circuit training workouts based on scientifically-proven principles used by the fittest athletes and leanest and strongest people.

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