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The Grizzly Labs recently released Genius Scan 5.2 for iOS, a major update to the popular mobile scanning app. This latest version introduces Text Recognition (commonly known as OCR), enabling a new set of features such as creating searchable PDFs or scanning business cards.

Text Recognition takes mobile scanning and archiving to the next level: Genius Scan not only produces image versions of scanned documents, but also extracts the text from the images. Combining the bitmap image and the text layer enables several new features:

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* Creating searchable/copyable PDFs: With Text Recognition, the PDF files created with Genius Scan contain a text layer. Users can copy the text or search within their documents in Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat Reader.

* Indexing and searching the documents content: Search is not limited to the title of documents anymore. Searching for “Best Buy” will surface any receipt containing these words in the document body. Retrieving archived documents becomes effortless.

* Scanning business cards: Genius Scan 5.2 recognizes business cards and surfaces relevant actions, such as the ability to create a contact, call a number, email someone or navigate to an address.

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* Other smart content actions: If a date is detected in a document, Genius Scan will suggest to rename the document with this date. This lets users archive document based on their actual date rather than the scan date, resulting in more accurate document archiving.

“OCR has been on the top of our mind for a while. It took us a while to get it right, so we are delighted to release it today”, says Bruno Virlet, co-founder of The Grizzly Labs and developer of Genius Scan. “Text Recognition upgrades the scanning and archiving experience”.

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Text Recognition is available either as part of Genius Scan (a one-time purchase of $7.99 that unlocks the advanced features of Genius Scan) or with the Genius Cloud subscription ($2.99/month for backup, synchronization and all the advanced features). It’s an iOS-only feature for now.

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