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The Grizzly Labs today released Genius Scan 5.2.1, an update to the popular mobile scanning app. This update offers 9 new languages, bringing Genius Scan to an even wider audience.

Genius Scan has always supported the major world languages, but this update localizes the interface of Genius Scan for nine additional languages. Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Hebrew, Indonesian, Korean, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese join the existing French, English, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, simplified and traditional Chinese and Spanish translations.

For cost reasons, mobile applications often target the US market only, so people in other countries receive a suboptimal experience. The Grizzly Labs has always emphasized localization in its apps. This helps to reach more people and provides a better user experience the world over.

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Translating the app isn’t enough for some markets. In Arabic and Hebrew, not only is the text written from right to left but the interface is also flipped: bullet points are listed on the right of the screen, screens slide from left to right, some icons need to be inverted. Both the localized copy and the interface adjustments are important to create a natural feel to the app in the desired locales. All this has required careful translation, engineering, and testing to ensure that customers in these locales can enjoy using Genius Scan. For the translations, The Grizzly Labs used the services of applingua, a company based in the UK and specialized in translation and localization for the tech industry.

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“We do our best to make our applications accessible to everyone. While this means implementing accessibility features such as VoiceOver, we think it’s also more inclusive to offer the app in the language expected by the customer. We are thrilled to support these new locales and particularly proud of supporting the right-to-left ones. iOS and Android make it relatively easy, yet it still requires a lot of attention to detail,” says Bruno Virlet, co-founder of The Grizzly Labs and developer of Genius Scan. “Luckily, we localized Genius Scan in a couple languages from day one, so it was easier to expand to new locales.”

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