Gadget Guard announces unbreakable screen protection for iPhone X models

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Gadget Guard, the premier maker of smartphone screen protection, announced the availability of the Black Ice Flex Edition for the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and 10+, and the Apple iPhone XR, XS and XS Max models. The Black Ice Flex Edition provides unbreakable, best-in-class screen protection for next-generation smart screens, including curved displays and devices with in-screen fingerprint sensors.

Engineered by integrating five distinct layers—with each layer performing an essential function of protection while maintaining clarity—the Black Ice Flex Edition screen protector won’t chip or crack like traditional glass screen guards. The glass-like nano-technology surface provides reactive touch response for sensitivity, rapid fingerprint scans and stylus compatibility. Each guard is formed to perfectly fit the phone, including advanced, curved screens.

“With the addition of Galaxy Note and Apple iPhone models, Black Ice Flex Edition protects all the latest premium phones on the market today,” said Brandon Bowen, vice president of sales for parent company Penumbra Brands. “Every user of this Gadget Guard technology will have the best protection available for their screen: an unbreakable guard with the smooth feel and clarity of the original glass. By reducing the number of cracked screens, we’re ultimately saving consumers money, reducing waste and helping mobile devices last longer.”

Last year, 50 million smartphone screens broke and screen repairs cost $3.4 billion.

Black Ice Flex Edition’s composite material exceeds industry-standard impact tests. The product has an oleophobic coating, which enables the smooth glass-like surface to stay smudge-free. Even with its five, integrated layers, the optical clarity of the screen protector matches that of glass, giving the best resolution for video and photos on smartphones.

Traditional tempered-glass screen protectors render ultrasonic fingerprint-identifier technology unusable by making it impossible for the phone to “read” the fingerprint. Some protectors even leave a portion of the screen unprotected, creating an Achilles heel on the smartphone. Black Ice Flex Edition completely protects the entire phone and is laboratory certified as fully compatible with ultrasonic sensors.

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