FoxTrot Search 7.1 released


CTM Development is announcing the release of FoxTrot Search 7.1. Foxtrot Search, highly appreciated by knowledge professionals in many realms, is now available in a major new release. Announcing version 7.1 of

* FoxTrot Professional Search for macOS
* FoxTrot Personal Search for macOS
* FoxTrot Search Server for macOS
* FoxTrot Attache for iOS 

FoxTrot Search offers the fastest, most precise and reliable way to find what you are looking for in PDF, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and 300 other document types indexed on a Mac. 

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FoxTrot is available for personal, professional or networked use with 100+ user client-server enterprise solutions. FoxTrot Professional users can have their complete index files with compressed text or actual documents accessible via the iOS FoxTrot Attache app; this offers iPhone or iPad access to gigabytes of reference and personal data on iPhone or iPad. Think of it as instant shirt pocket access to all of your encrypted data.

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According to Chantal Favre, senior product manager, “FoxTrot is all about finding, not just searching. Since PowerMail incorporated FoxTrot technology in 2003 and since FoxTrot Personal Search’s launch in 2005, tens of thousands of knowledge workers have relied on our extremely flexible tools to get their job done in the legal, media, medical, scientific and academic fields. Searching, finding, discovering and text mining in your heterogenous, small or large document collections has never been more powerful on a Mac or an iOS / iPadOS device.”

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