Fleets of Heroes 2.0 released for iOS

fleet of heroes

If you’re a base building fanatic, you may already be familiar with the space-age, resource pirating, hero ship piloting game Fleets of Heroes. Think of some of the barbarian village builders you may have played, add some upgrade/resource complexity, put yourself in space, and you won’t be too far off. After a relatively quiet release and slow-burning soft launch phase, Inner Hero LLC has officially released its anticipated v2.0 update, kicking Fleets of Heroes gameplay into high gear as of January 16, 2020.

In addition to an array of cosmetic upgrades and QoL improvements, version 2.0 of the game features the long awaited Survival Mode. Fleets of Heroes players will be able to pilot their hero ships, normally used for attacking the bases of story mode levels or other players, and use them to defend their own bases against squadrons of fighter ships coming to destroy them. Repel waves of enemies to earn rewards and prizes to upgrade your units!

“With most games not allowing the player to control any units throughout battle, we knew we had a special opportunity to create a completely different way to apply hero ship units in battle. When you consider the potential of how interactive and entertaining a mechanic like this can be, it’s pretty unbelievable that we’re the first to apply it to our game.” – Thibaut De Bock, CEO

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