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Independent development team GREEAL e.U. is proud to announce Fitolog – Fitness Activity 5.0.1, the update to their all-in-one fitness training app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch devices. Fitolog doesn’t require users to create a profile, and uses a simple process of logging a users’ fitness data and displaying it in easy to understand graphs.

Fitolog uses the iPhone or Apple Watch to monitor and log a user’s exercise and other activities, warning the user if there is no progress, help them to keep their workouts consistent, stay motivated, and track their progress. The app can also share all exercise data with Apple’s Health app. Fitolog is an excellent option for users new to the fitness arena, by offering helpful workout tips, exercise demos, and more.

“There is one thing that keeps people from reaching their fitness goals – consistency! You can have the best trainer or coach in the world and the best nutrition plan, but if you do not stick with it consistently, it is all for nothing,” says the app’s developer, Yauheni Hrynchyk. “Fitolog will help you to keep your workout schedule consistent, stay motivated, and track your progress.”

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Fitolog offers everything users need to track their performance. The app displays all of the information in simple to understand graphs, displaying progress via photos. Each exercise or activity has its own unique benefit for the user’s health. 

The all-in-one app takes the place of multiple apps, combining all of the necessary features into one convenient app. Don’t have a lot of time to exercise? Try a 5-minute workout, which can be beneficial in many ways. Version 5.0.1 even offers workouts for television commercial breaks.

Users that spend their days staring at a computer screen, smartphone, or tablet can be affected by digital eye strain, eye exercises can help that. Eye exercises will strengthen weak eye muscles, improving blood circulation and muscle tone.

Features Include:
* Create custom workouts
* Record and monitor body weight
* Photo history for 4 different poses and ability to compare them with body weight progress graph
* 84 preloaded exercises
* Create custom exercises
* Audio prompts guide you through workouts
* Create workout music playlists and play them during workouts
* Share all bodyweight records and workout data with Apple Health
* Track workouts using just the Apple Watch or with the iPhone
* Suitable for all body types and fitness levels
* No need to create a profile, get started immediately
* 36 preloaded workouts
* Graph of Active Calories Burned, Workouts and Sleep Analysis. Data is red from Apple Health
* Activity Ring of workout day
* Select model (male, female)

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Fitolog’s Apple Watch features are so advanced that you can leave your iPhone in your iPhone or gym bag, and do everything on the Apple Watch. 

Exercise selections are suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Folks that are new to exercise and fitness, can take advantage of the apps useful workout tips and exercise instructions with demos. 

If location services are activated, users can record not just the time and distance automatically, but also to record their route and display in on the map. For users that would rather not use location services, the app will record distances using the iPhone and Apple Watch motion detectors, which also works great with steppers and treadmills.

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While exercising, its important to stay hydrated, Fitolog allows users to set a daily water consumption goal, and to easily add their water intake. The app allows users to track their water consumption on a graph, and provide notifications to remind users about their water intake.

The app’s built-in food tracker allows users to set daily food consumption goals, as well as add calorie and protein intake. A periodical graph allows easy progress checking.

Version 5.0.1 brings new workouts, including basic yoga, eye workouts, commercial break exercises, calisthenics, high knees workouts, and more. Meanwhile, more notifications help keep you motivated and on track. Users can even play custom music tracks during workouts.

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