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Independent development team GREEAL e.U. is proud to announce FITOLOG – Fitness Assistant 4.0, the update to their all-in-one fitness training app for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch devices. The app uses a simple process of logging a users’ fitness data and displaying it in easy to understand graphs. 

FITOLOG uses the iPhone or Apple Watch to log a user’s exercise and activities, warning the user if there is no progress. The app shares all of the data with Apple’s Health Kit. FITOLOG is a great choice for those who are new in the fitness area, providing helpful workout tips and exercise performing instructions with demos.

“There are various amounts of apps available on the App Store, which fitness enthusiasts can use to log and track their fitness activity. However, some can be frustrating and complicated to use,” says the app’s developer, Yauheni Hrynchyk. “Depending on fitness activity, a user might be required to use multiple apps. This is why we created FITOLOG. The app has a simple process of logging user’s fitness data and displaying it in graphs.”

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Fitness is all about progress, the more progress a user sees, the more encouraged they are to continue to exercise. FITOLOG has everything a user needs to track their progress, offering a bodyweight graph, an exercise graph, and tracks progress via photos.

The app is suitable for all body types and fitness levels. Beginners will love the app’s ease-of-use, while experienced users will appreciate the fitness tracking features that include 10 preloaded workouts as well as the ability to create custom workouts.

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Features Include:
* 10 preloaded workouts. Including 4 with weights and 5 bodyweight high intensity workouts
* Create custom workouts
* Record and monitor body weight
* Photo history for 4 different poses and ability to compare them with body weight progress graph
* 84 preloaded exercises
* Create custom exercises
* Audio prompts guide you through workouts
* Create workout music playlists and play them during workouts
* Share all bodyweight records and workout data with Apple Health
* Track workouts using just the Apple Watch or with the iPhone
* Suitable for all body types and fitness levels
* No need to create a profile, get started immediately

FITOLOG makes it easy to log cardio exercises. Make use of the iPhone and Apple Watch’s built-in location services to allow not only automatic recording of time and distance, but also display the route of a run, walk, or bicycling session and display it on the map. For those that prefer to not use location services, the application will record distances using motion detection, making it a great way to measure exercise on workout equipment like steppers and treadmills.

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“We’re excited about FITOLOG, and we believe it will change the way users workout for the better,” continues Yauheni. “We’re sure users will find it to be the easiest and most enjoyable way to log and track their fitness activity, allowing them to make real progress, and allowing them to see that progress. We can’t wait to hear feedback from our users.”

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