Figuring out personal finance on your iPhone

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The iPhone can be a fantastic tool both in our professional life at work or in our personal life, at home or on travel. Financial questions is just one of the issues using a iPhone can solve.

Basic math questions is easily solved, other financial tools and apps are also available. Apple Pay is one of them, but there are several other great apps like PayPal and so on.

Most people also has a banking app, but when it comes to searching for and comparing personal loans you have to use the Safari search engine.

There are lots of useful sites in the personal finance category, but finance is country restricted. So you have to pick country specific websites to help you do the job. For instance, if you live in Norway you can use a site like or similar sites to get the job done.

In other words, you have to use the right search words for your country when searching for financial service sites online.

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