Fatal Voyage becomes No. 1 podcast series


New investigative podcast series which explores explosive new evidence in the case of Natalie Wood’s death has quickly become the fastest growing new podcast series in America – soaring to No.1 in the iTunes TV & Film charts within 48 hours.

The sensational new podcast series ‘Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death Of Natalie Wood’, produced by American Media Inc and Treefort.Media, dominated the iTunes Charts during its opening weekend, quickly taking the No.1 spot in the Film & TV charts. Across all categories, the series outperformed the likes of Serial, Cover-Up (Chappaquiddick), S-Town and Dirty John to peak at No. 10.

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Apple’s charts are considered the most-watched public-facing measure of podcast success.

‘Fatal Voyage: The Mysterious Death Of Natalie Wood’ re-investigates how the three-time Oscar winner met her end in a watery grave on Thanksgiving weekend in 1981 off California’s Catalina Island.

The audio documentary series will break new ground on Hollywood’s most enduring murder mystery involving showbiz icons Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken. With new evidence that suggests a larger conspiracy, and exclusive access to Natalie Wood’s unpublished memoir, investigative journalist and host Dylan Howard and his team of investigators will attempt to crack open the case that has eluded authorities for nearly four decades — before time runs out.

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“The compelling new evidence we’ve uncovered as part of this 12-part series is damning, and could help to finally solve this case. We’ll be taking listeners on a real-time investigation over the next 10 episodes, and will deliver stunning revelations that will help to once and for all unravel one of Hollywood’s most enduring mysteries. If Natalie didn’t jump, or slip, who pushed her, or worse still, tossed her overboard? Why? Was it murder? These are questions we intend to answer,” says Dylan Howard, Executive Producer and Host of the series.

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The first two episodes of the 12-part series, premiered Friday, July 20, the exact day the doomed star would have celebrated her 80th birthday.

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