Fancards launches Apple Wallet compatible prepaid cards app

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Fancards announced the release of a new mobile app, available for download immediately on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with a host of new features and capabilities.

“By enabling real-time issuance of collegiately licensed cards and providing the ability to create sub-cards under a primary account, we have taken the steps to ensure our cardholders have the best user experience and advanced technological tools at their fingertips,” said Fancards Co-Founder and EVP Greg Boggs. “Combining these new features with our emphasis on providing the ‘Ultimate Fan Experience’ through partnerships with our 20+ teams, we believe we are at the forefront of the industry in terms of both customer experience and innovation.”

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The iOS app includes compatibility with Apple Pay and features such as sub-cards, recurring bank transfers, direct deposit, cash reloading, and real-time spending alerts. Furthermore, the Fancards app allows for in-app provisioning, connecting a virtual payment card from the app instantly to the cardholder’s Apple Wallet.

“Our mobile app is set to be a major disruptor within the fintech space. We believe Fancards is the first affinity card company to offer in-app provisioning and instant digital cards at this scale, as we now offer over 35 card designs in Apple Wallet,” Boggs said. “One key feature is the ability for cardholders to issue sub-cards to help with allowances, budgeting, and other expenses.”

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Fancards is the only collegiately licensed prepaid card in the country, offering prepaid reloadable cards and prepaid gift cards for over 20 teams. Fancards recently reached a partnership agreement with Payment Data Systems (NASDAQ: PYDS) to support its reloadable card program management, processing, and the development of Fancard web and mobile applications.

To order your Fancard, download the “Fancards-Pay with Team Pride” app through Apple App Store or Google Play Store, or find your team at

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