FallCall app adopts Siri Shortcuts

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FallCall Solutions announced today that FallCall Lite, the only personal emergency assistant for Apple Watch fully integrated into a national 24/7 emergency call center, now supports Apple’s new Siri Shortcuts. Users can record simple phrases like: “Assistance needed,” to contact trained emergency medical dispatchers and/or linked family and friends.

“Time is of the essence when someone needs help,” states Shea Gregg, MD, a Trauma Surgeon and the President of FallCall Solutions. “Siri Shortcuts have simplified the ability to communicate and initiate commands on Apple devices. We have harnessed this revolutionary capability to contact family, friends and our 24/7 call center in an emergency. Additionally, FallCall will send location and heart rate information to aid in the response.”

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To setup Siri Shortcuts, users simply record brief, memorable commands accessible through the FallCall Lite “Settings” Menu. Suggested phrases include “Assistance needed,” “Care Group connect,” or “Monitor connect.” To personalize the experience even more, users may choose to record any phrase that they would be able to remember in an emergency (i.e. “I fell,” or “I need my family”). These “Shortcuts” will be able to seamlessly contact Care Group members and/or our nationally-renowned emergency call center partner.

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“Our mission is to simplify and innovate the medical alert experience for all age groups in all situations,” Gregg continues. “Sadly, when people get hurt, most will call out for help, but not everyone will be heard. With Siri Shortcut integration, people now have their Apple Watch, iPhone and HomePod listening for their call, and our FallCall app will aid in reaching the help they need.”

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