ENERQi offer hidden wireless iPhone charging without the construction


We’ve have seen many attempts at building hidden wireless charging into desks and tables, but they either require construction skills not worth the hassle or custom furniture not worth the price. ENERQi plans to change that with its new line of wireless chargers. It places under any table or desk and charges your phone on the surface. And because it’s a long-range wireless charger with a range of 40mm (1.57 inches), drilling gaping holes into your favorite piece of furniture isn’t a requirement anymore.

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The concept behind the technology is quite simple. Just like your WiFi router hides in plain sight while you enjoy your internet wire-free, ENERQi attaches to and hides on the underside of your desk, while powering any device placed within its range. Live on Kickstarter, ‘the invisible fast wireless charger’ offers Qi wireless charging at 10 watts for over 100+ Qi-compatible smartphones including flagship Apple & Android devices. It also comes in a ‘nano’ version, with a range of 15mm, perfect for thick and glass table-tops.

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The charger mounts under your table, nightstand or desk using its reusable adhesive mounting system while an option to screw it in place is also available. It also comes with a smart-detection mode that detects when any Qi-equipped phone is placed within charging range and keeps the charger inactive if any non-Qi phones, coins, keys or metallic objects are detected. Just make sure your phone case or table isn’t made out of metal.

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Promising to turn any piece of furniture into a fast wireless charging station, ENERQi hits the market this April. Retailing at $119 and $89 for the nano version, pre-orders are being offered through Kickstarter at $50 off MSRP while supplies last.

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