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Edge Music Network (EMN), a music video streaming service delivering on-demand video content through a powerful syndication platform, is proud to announce it is now available on Apple TV. The addition of this highly anticipated feature allows users to conveniently access their favorite playlists, artists and recent industry news—now from their Apple TV devices. With modern architecture, deep navigation capabilities, advanced search tools and user-friendly features built from the ground up – EMN connects music fans with artists in a whole new way.

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“We’re thrilled to have EMN now available on the Apple TV platform—making live streaming more accessible,” says CEO Elizabeth Vargas, the music industry veteran and visionary who founded EMN in 2001. “Music is a part of everyday life and we want every household to be able to access their favorite artists where and when they choose. The platform both ensures artists and labels get the royalties they deserve, and fans get uninterrupted real-time access to the music they love.”

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Designed to deliver a hassle-free experience, the EMN Apple TV app allows users to easily navigate the platform for greater convenience. Simply search for “Edge Music” from the iOS App Store on the Apple TV and instantly receive a backstage pass to your favorite artists, genres and playlists—right from the comfort of your living room. Users will also be able to stay up-to-date on the latest in music news including new album releases, indie artist tours, up-and-coming new artists and events.

ALSO READ:  LG, Sony, Vizio smart TVs to add Apple TV app

Driven by a commitment to do good in the world, EMN was launched with unification in mind – seeking a more direct connection between artists and fans. The platform allows users to interact, book a band, watch their favorite artists new music video releases, watch live performances and with its “Play It Forward” feature fans can make monetary donations via the click of a button.

EMN is also available through the Apple iTunes Store and Google Play. For more information, visit www.edgemusic.com.

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