Dr. Ish Major endorses Key of Life medical and health app

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Renowned physician and WeTV’s Marriage Bootcamp host, Dr. Ish Major recently endorsed medical and health app, Key of Life on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. The relationship doctor boosted about the app’s capability of improving relations between loved ones by taking care of health issues first.

“Taking care of yourself and your health is important,” tweeted Major. “I recommend @KeyofLifeApp1 to keep your medical records organized.”

Key of Life functions as database for an individual’s medical records. The easy-to-use app allows medical record access to loved ones, caretakers, first responders, or anyone the user chooses. It can be utilized as an organizational tool for parents to store, update and share their children’s medical history.

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“We’re very grateful for Dr. Ish Major’s kind words about our app,” said Chad Anfinson, Key of Life founder. “And we look forward to Key of Life making medical records organization much easier for people across the country.”

Key of Life founder, Chad Anfinson realized the need for Key of Life app when he became the primary caretaker for his aging father. He struggled to keep his father’s medical records conveniently accessible and organized. The innovation behind this app is a merging of technology and a need to provide attentive care for loved ones.

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Dr. Ish Major has spent over 15 years demystifying the male psyche and helping men and women navigate their way through the dating jungle. Educated at the University of South Carolina School of Medicine, Dr. Ish is a board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in women, children and families and all things dating, mating and relating. Dr. Ish was named to the prestigious list of America’s Top Psychiatrists for the last 3 years and is recognized by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals as one of Leading Physicians of the World.

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