Do you have problems getting an overview of your working life?

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It is no secret that many of us have a very busy day. This means that we often run from one appointment to the next only to find that there are still not enough hours in the day. And it’s unhealthy, as it can lead to negative habits and even stress in the long run – and therefore it’s about avoiding that at all costs.

Therefore, you should be sure to find some methods to get more control, overview and calm in your working life. And for that, there is one tool that you should know about.

All you need is a small app in your pocket
And that is the, Workspace Booking, which is a simple app that you can have at your fingertips at all times. Most of us cannot imagine walking outside our door without our smartphone, and that is precisely why there are more of us who feel naked if we cannot find our little helper.

Our smartphone is therefore always close to our hands, and therefore an app can also be the perfect solution to get more control, a greater overview of and more peace in our working life.

It is the spontaneous encounters that often are the best
The workspace app, Workspace Booking, is quite simple, very smart and efficient. With it, it is possible for you, among other things, to book meeting rooms for some of the many handshakes you have to give during the day.

This means that there is no need to turn to the office staff or boot up your computer when an excellent opportunity for a good meeting just presents itself. The best encounters are those that occur very spontaneously. And therefore, you must also be able to quickly book a room that satisfies all needs, wishes and requirements for the meeting. All you need is an integration between Workspace Booking and Microsoft 365.

It also means that there is no reason for you to be present in your office or workplace in general. You can arrange some effective meetings that can mean more success for you by simply finding your smartphone and accessing the small, simple app. The only thing you need to make sure is that you are a Microsoft 365 user or you have Microsoft Exchange on-premise.

But that is not enough. You can do much more with your Workspace Booking app.

But the app can do much more
In addition to finding and booking available meeting rooms and thus making sure to give some good handshakes, you can also receive hot desk at anytime and anywhere, you can enforce social distance bookings, you can verify meeting times and locations, you can both book, cancel and reschedule meetings – and best of all you can simplify it all with a QR code.

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