Digital Heaven makes all Final Cut Pro X plug-ins available for free (VIDEO)

Digital Heaven

Digital Heaven, the company behind the SpeedScriber automated transcription app for macOS, today announced the launch of a new version of Freeware for Final Cut Pro X and Motion. As one of the pioneering plug-in developers for Final Cut Pro over the past 16 years, Digital Heaven has a long track record of making some of their plug-ins available for free.

Most recently that has included DH_GridX and DH_WideSafeX. Now six transitions plus two generators and two effects have been added to the freeware package.

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In addition, some of these plug-ins have been improved for this freeware release:
* Up and Down directions have been added to DH_StretchPan
* Horizontal and vertical adjustment. of background box has been added to DH_SubtitleX
* Maximum dead pixel dimensions have been increased in DH_ReincarnationX

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