Dawn Westmoreland tackles workplace bullying on her podcasts


Workplace bullying is an all too common theme. You shouldn’t have to be afraid to do what it is that you love. No one should ever wake up and feel afraid, intimidated, or anxious about going to work. However, workplace violence, bullying, and harassment continue to be in our headlines daily.

The host of ‘The Empowered Whistleblower’ podcast got real with the writers on staff at Mental Health News Radio Network to help illustrate the struggle she endured. Dawn’s goal for the show is to uncover how whistleblowers are often retaliated against. She was severely bullied in her former government job for speaking out against nepotism and unfair hiring practices. In revealing her own deeply personal pain, a sense of honesty and transparency is revealed. MHNR Network believes this is what listeners can connect with.

After Dawn slipped into a severe depression, her regular paycheck was illegally cut off by the very people who had retaliated against her. Her life took a dramatic turn not just in dollars and cents, but her quality of life and her ability to find peace were diminished. “According to my psychiatrist, people who experienced the level of harassment and stress I did, would potentially consider suicide or have a mental break down. After spending 20 years in the Air Force, I was a powerful woman and fearless about speaking up about illegal practices in the government. But, even resilient people can collapse after experiencing 18 months of bullying and discrimination.”

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Dawn had a moment of clarity about her situation when spending time in a mental health facility stating, “Spending time in a Mental Health ward made sense to me. That is where I gained my personal power after realizing I did not have to succumb to being a victim.” After leaving the facility she managed to find her footing by taking charge of her life and holding her bullies accountable. It would be a year before she had a chance to tell her side of the story to the Equal Employment Opportunity board, but eventually she was able to settle with her former government agency just two short days before the final hearing. It was a fitting end to a tumultuous ongoing saga that helped prepare her for her next venture. Dawn refused to sign a settlement gag-order and that ultimately created a sense of empowerment to help other people were being bullied and discriminated in the workplace.

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‘The Empowered Whistleblower’ helps Dawn reflect on her life since these events took place and describe her recollection of the last five years. The resiliency that grew from the traumatic event has enabled her to move forward with her dreams to create her own advocacy podcast. “There is nothing like thriving and being happy. Much of my success has occurred in believing in myself and unfolding my vision to help others. I came to realize that I could be at peace, even when I was experiencing chaos in my life.” Dawn’s experience helps her to serve others by speaking, podcasting, writing books, and advocating to help others. She now interviews guest experts on her podcast to help children and adults who need guidance to help themselves. She attends conferences and meetings where she can be heard and makes connections to reach out to more people with her work.

Many doors have opened since she acknowledged fulfilling her soul’s purpose of educating and supporting others who are being harmed by bullying and discrimination. “I am contacted by many people who are being bullied or discriminated. They need help, support, and to become empowered. It’s very satisfying to see another person stand tall and claim their power. Life may seem very long unless we are happy and secure. It’s gratifying to know that I may never meet some of the people who are positively influenced by my work, but I know they will benefit if they chose to be accountable in their lives.” That’s a profoundly valuable concept especially given her abjectly negative experiences with retaliation in her career and life. That’s real empowerment.

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Her book ‘The Empowered Whistleblower’ provides guidance on knowing your rights if you’re being bullied or discriminated. It also focuses on empowerment, human resources, and finding inspiration. Incredibly, she doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will towards anybody; which is admirable considering the trauma she went through.

“I don’t let others steer me off my path. I say yes or no when needed and best of all, I set healthy boundaries with everyone in my life. I stay in my lane and only work on my cause. It’s very empowering to me. Meditation and visualization are very important and needed in my life. It’s easier to serve others when I am disciplined in my life.”

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