Cool Holdings buys Apple partner OneClick stores in Dominican Republic


Cool Holdings, Inc. today announced that it has expanded its Apple partnership by completing the acquisition of a chain of seven OneClick retail stores in the Dominican Republic. OneClick is a certified Apple partner and authorized reseller of Apple products and other high-profile accessory brands.

Commenting on the acquisition, Mauricio Diaz, Chief Executive Officer of Cool Holdings, stated: “The acquisition of the Dominican Republic stores has been contemplated for some time, and we are pleased to finally complete the transaction. This now brings our total store count to 16, including the 7 new stores in the Dominican Republic, our 6 stores in Argentina and 3 stores in Florida. OneClick in the Dominican Republic has the first ever APR (Apple Premium reseller) as its flagship store in Agora Mall in Santo Domingo. In addition, Galeria 360 in Santo Domingo and Blue Mall in Punta Cana have undergone a thorough remodeling process to become the first AAR (Apple Authorized Reseller Monobrand) stores in the Dominican Republic. The remaining 4 stores (Blue Mall, Sambil and Piantini in Santo Domingo, and Santiago de los Caballeros) will be remodeled in the upcoming months. Through this acquisition we expect to leverage our resources, expertise and management talent to grow our revenue base as we work to drive our Company to profitability.”

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