ControlMeister – free Samsung TV remote control app for iOS


MeisterApps just launched their first app ‘ControlMeister for Samsung Smart TV’ on the iTunes App Store. The app is available for both iPhone and iPad. Compared with the factory remote control, this new app takes watching your Samsung TV to a whole new level.

Free iPhone remote control app for Samsung TV:
Many people praise Samsung TVs for great picture quality, with deep blacks and accurate, vibrant colors that look great when viewing HD and 4K/8K content. The factory remote control that ships with every TV set isn’t always the most practical. Especially when browsing the internet or navigating through apps on a Smart TV. ControlMeister’s app for iPhone or iPad will make this experience way more pleasant and it is totally free.

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Control with the swipe of a finger:
The app is designed to work on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11 or higher. With this app, every Samsung TV owner can turn their phone or tablet into a sophisticated remote control. The biggest advantages over the factory remote control are the touchpad and keyboard features. With a simple swipe of the finger it’s possible to change channels, volume and adjust menu settings.

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Easy internet browsing:
One of the biggest annoyances of today’s Smart TV owners is the painstaking process of typing in words using the factory remote control. Especially for Smart TV apps like the internet browser or filling in search fields. ControlMeister has solved this problem once and for all by providing trackpad navigation and a user-friendly keyboard at no extra costs. Traditionally, this kind of advanced options are paid features in existing remote control apps.

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