Compact video player for macOS plays virtually any video or audio


A new product by Electronic Team just became available – small and easy-to-use player with a name that speaks for itself – JustPlay. The player supports an immense amount of file formats, pretty much any type there is, and won’t ask you for external codecs or addons, it has everything needed for a quality playback. 

There is always a need for a simple, lightweight player that won’t be overwhelming a user with a ton of unwanted options, yet the player should be able to play any file type a user might have without having to download codecs, addons, etc. JustPlay is exactly that: compact, with straightforward interface, necessary settings and extensive list of supported formats that includes MP4, AVI, MOV, SWF, DAT, MKV, MP3, FLAC, M4V, FLV, and Blu-ray. Thanks to its hardware accelerated decoding, JustPlay allows to watch HD and Ultra HD videos without any slowdowns or delays.

Key features of JustPlay:

* A convenient selection of playback settings – A user can set any speed of playback, sync subtitles or sound track with the video in case the original had some out-of-sync issues. Video image settings include: brightness, saturation, contrast, gamma, hue, noise reduction and sharpness.

* Extended subtitles support – One can automatically load subtitles in a preferred language, adjust their appearance, including the font, the size, the color of text and background. Convenient online search is available directly in the player via integration with 

* Advanced audio playback – One can select the audio language, choose to load external audio tracks automatically, customize the sound with an audio equalizer with smart presets. JustPlay allows using various devices for audio output and offers AC3/DTS passthrough on SPDIF output.

* Deinterlacing for video – The deinterlace option is aimed at fixing the issue of horizontal stripes on fast moving objects in some videos.

* Screen settings – The player window can be fit to the video size and there is the full-screen mode. Playback controls and current info can be displayed on screen.

* Video thumbnails – When JustPlay is installed on a MacBook with the Touch Bar, there is an option to control the player from it and see the video thumbnail previews.

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