Colorful brick breaker game BloksOut 4.0 released for iOS

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Drugikat, the makers of the 7 Planets game, today is pleased to announce the release of BloksOut 4.0, their fun arcade game developed for iPhone, and iPad touch devices. BloksOut is a retro game influenced by games from Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum like Krakout, Arkanoid, and Breakout but in a new colorful design with one-handed gameplay.

BloksOut is an addictive arcade game that appeals to kids, teens, and adults. In this fun-to-play game, players crush various blocks, collect numerous power-ups, avoid ice bombs from a dozen enemies and bombs from various mini-bosses. The game gives you an opportunity of playing it in 200 challenging square and round levels each designed differently with catchy graphics, happy music, and memorable sounds.

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You will soon get into the amazing world of fun of absurdly addictive, relaxed, and stressless games. You must keep an eye on the ball, your thumb finger bellow the paddle and crush the blocks and battle your way across awesome levels with lethal power-ups and crazy characters.

Features that make BloksOut great:
* Fast and colorful action
* Hundreds of Square and Round levels
* Endless levels
* Boss levels
* Minibosses that will try to destroy you
* Enemies which will try to freeze you
* 48 items to collect
* Numerous Power-ups
* Exploding blocks
* Local and Global achievements and HighScore
* One-hand gameplay
* Cool retro feeling
* Memorable graphic, sounds, music, and effects

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Take a deep breath and enter the colorful world with many hazards.

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