Carepoynt launches mobile app on iOS

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Carepoynt — a first-of-its-kind health- and wellness-focused rewards company—is excited to announce the release of its official Carepoynt mobile app on both the Apple App and Google Play Stores. This key milestone brings a significantly simplified and more integrated experience into the hands of its members.

With modern architecture and user-friendly features built from the ground up, Carepoynt’s latest advances enable members to earn Poynts™ by engaging in healthy activities and purchases which can be redeemed for products and services at a wide variety of retailers, partners and charitable organizations. The result is a more seamless, connected and rewarding health experience for all involved.

“We are putting technology to work to encourage individuals to jump start their journey to a more rewarding life by joining our easy-to-use, innovative platform,” said company CEO and founder, Tim Stanley. “Through our unique digital health- and wellness-focused solution, Carepoynt is committed to enhancing the wellness of the people we serve by providing our members with a trusted network of health-focused providers, strategic partners, employers and payers to finally give them the support they deserve on their path to achieving health-related goals.”

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Since entering the digital health and wellness market in 2017, Carepoynt continues to revolutionize the sector to address the United States’ costly, chaotic and uncoordinated healthcare ecosystem. The company is currently accelerating its disruption of the status quo by building upon the base of its local and national Carepoynt Community of members, partners, providers, payers and employers. Its unique Rewardsware for Healthcare™ model meets the needs of the massive health and wellness marketplace that is seeking more engaging experiences and rewarding results from the healthcare ecosystem.

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Supported by an elite team and a stellar advisory board with connections to, Aetna, Kaiser, Cedars Sinai, Verizon, Caesars and many others, Carepoynt is a compelling consumer-centric engagement platform, program and network that allows members to connect, align, engage and be rewarded for healthy choices. Hundreds of well-known local, national and online healthcare providers, health and wellness businesses as well as retail partners like Fitbit, CVS pharmacy, GNC, Starbucks Coffee, Amazon, Whole Foods Market, Nike, Gap and Target are now available to members of the Carepoynt Community.

With the help of its new app – which includes fingerprint and facial authentication solutions to provide greater security and convenience for members – healthier lifestyles are now more manageable. Carepoynt’s dedicated engineers are actively working to add new features for an enhanced experience, including in-app messaging and syncing to a variety of fitness trackers.

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Stay well by staying connected – become a Carepoynt member today and instantly receive 250 Poynts™ when you download and use the mobile app! Consumers can start earning and redeeming valuable rewards immediately after joyning the Carepoynt community by signing up with a free Carepoynt member account. Those who sign up will experience a vast and growing network of participating healthcare, wellness and related partners to earn, redeem and share Poynts™.

The Carepoynt app is available for free download through the Apple iTunes Store and on Google Play.

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