Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002)

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Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002)

Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002)

  • The Intelligent Touch System allows you to effortlessly operate your machine with gorgeous touch sensitive buttons
  • Six individual ink system featuring gray ink for professional looking black & white photos
  • Full HD Movie Print software turns your favorite HD movie clips captured with your compatible
  • Professional color adjustment feature with the included Easy-PhotoPrint Pro software
  • Built-in CD/DVD Printing
  • Canon EOS Digital SLR or PowerShot cameras into beautiful prints

High Performance Wireless Photo All-In-One Featuring Intelligent Touch System, Gray Ink and Built-In Auto Duplex Printing,Power Supply: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz.Document & Media Handling Details: Input tray – 150 sheets, Paper cassette – 150 sheets and CD/DVD/BD tray.Maximum Scan Area 8.5 x 11.69″ (21.59 x 29.69 cm),Maximum Printable Area 8.0″ (20.32 cm) wide.

List Price: $ 199.99

Price: $ 139.99

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3 thoughts on “Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002)

  1. 652 of 657 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Feature-rich, but wastes ink and some driver issues, October 21, 2011
    Scott “Scott” (Northwest Washington) –

    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002) (Office Product)

    The MG6200 is a lot of printer (and scanner, and copier…) for the purchase price.

    On features and quality, I’d give it 5 stars. The scan and print quality are excellent, and the included applications for scanning/printing are adequate. It can connect via USB, wired network, or wireless network (and I’ve tried all three).

    There is no automatic document feeder (ADF), even as an optional accessory, so keep that in mind if you have lots of multi-page documents to scan. Paper handling is great, especially the automatic duplexing.

    It also supports Apple Airprint flawlessly, so printing from iPhone and iPad is wireless and quick. I did have to download and upgrade the printer firmware to get this working, but I assume shipping units will come with the updated firmware very soon.

    Now, for my big complaint, and why it gets 3 stars instead of 5. If you let this printer set for a day, then initiate a print, it automatically executes a cleaning cycle EVERY TIME. Not only does this process delay printing by a couple minutes (which seems like forever), it wastes a HUGE amount of ink. Like most every inkjet, the ink cartridges are small and expensive — but this printer exacerbates that by wasting ink on unneeded cleaning cycles EVERY DAY. So even though I’ve used the printer VERY lightly over the last 3 weeks, and printed less than 50 pages (and only two photos) total, the ink cartridges are over half empty. That amounts to about $35 worth of ink for 50 pages! At 70 cents per page, this is one expensive printer.

    My previous inkjet (Canon Pixma ip5000) only executed a cleaning cycle if it had been powered off, or if you manual requested it. I had to clean it perhaps once or twice per year — not 365 times per year, which is essentially what the MG6220 is doing. At first I thought it might be due to the “auto power off” setting, but I set this to “Never” so the printer would never power itself off (and it is on a UPS, so no power interruptions). Nevertheless, it still executes a cleaning cycle at least once per day and I can hear the sound of a cash register every time it does so. (*** See 11/28/11 update, below ***)

    The second gripe is driver support. For WindowsXP, the driver does not properly support network scanning via TWAIN/WIA interfaces. The included Canon scanning software works, but any third party software (like the check scanning service my bank offers) will only work if you plug the MG6220 directly into the USB port. And on Vista, while you can get TWAIN/WIA to function over network, it requires manual installation steps (buried in the user’s manual) that should be automated by Canon’s driver installer. I wish Canon would hire some driver developers from Brother, because the drivers with my Brother MFC-8890DW Laser supported all of this, including network scanning on XP, completely automatically on XP, Vista, and Windows7.

    I guess I can forgive the driver issues on XP, because XP is getting pretty long in the tooth and I can accept that Canon doesn’t want to spend the extra software development time. As well, the manual steps on Vista are pretty minor (although many consumers will have a hard time with it). But the effective cost-per-page, due to the daily cleaning cycle (***), will make cost-of-ownership for this printer unaffordable for many.

    *** 11/28/11 Update ***
    I have printed less than 50 pages (most black and white text), and the printer is complaining that two of the ink cartridges — Cyan and Gray — are almost empty. However, I did find a solution to the daily (or more) ink-wasting cleaning cycles mentioned above.

    The automatic cleaning cycle appears to be triggered by either of two things: If the printer itself has lost power (not just turned off, but unplugged / power outage), *OR* if the USB-attached computer has been rebooted or power cycled. After either of those events, the printer will execute a cleaning cycle the next time a print job is sent to it.

    I disconnected the USB cable and setup that computer to print via wireless network a few days ago. I haven’t seen the automatic cleaning occur since. Hopefully this will slow the ink usage somewhat.

    *** 8/19/12 Update ***
    Keeping the printer “powered” and on wireless reduces the cleaning cycles, but does not eliminate them. I have not pinned down the exact pattern, but it seems it throws in a cleaning cycle any time you haven’t printed for a few days, and sometimes just seems to throw one in at random. It is possible these cycles are actually needed for print quality to get rid of partially dried ink on the head — so I can’t fault Canon for doing the cleanings, but they sure do use up the ink! Quality is still excellent, but cost-per-page is pretty high.

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  2. 148 of 151 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Ink Hog, December 8, 2011

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002) (Office Product)

    I bought this printer from Amazon so I could print from my iPad. Replaced a prefectly good MP 560. This is the fourth Canon printer I have owned over the last few years. I have always liked their printers over other brands because of their quality: printing and mechanical. While this one (MG 6220) prints beautifully, the ink consumption is outrageous. I have printed maybe 20-30 pages so far, mostly black and white. No photo’s. The cyan, magenta and grey tanks are already half empty and the yellow is 1/3 empty. Both blacks still show 100%. Reading other reviews stating the cleaning function is kicked off after the printer is powered down (verified by Canon tech support), I have left it on. It it only WiFi connected. Every time I print, it takes one plus minutes while the printer clunks along, apparently cleaning the heads. That is the other irritating part, waiting so long for one page to print. I talked to Canon Support yesterday for 20 minutes. The support person did sort of admit that this printer cleans it’s heads more often. He said that the printer comes with “complimentary” ink because they know that the setup procedure uses a lot of ink. He gave me the phone number of a local Authorized Service Center so I could take the printer to be checked. But, after reading other reviews, here and on other sites, it appears to me that this printer has an ink consumption problem that Canon needs to address.

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  3. 109 of 112 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    note canon’s website error, plus update, October 12, 2011

    This review is from: Canon PIXMA MG6220 Wireless Inkjet Photo All-in-One Printer (5292B002) (Office Product)

    Prospective buyers: Note that the dimensions of this printer are incorrect as listed on the Canon website, and these errors get reproduced on other sites. The Canon site seems to have reversed the width and depth. The width of this printer is actually about 18.5 inches, not 15.6 inches, and the depth front-to-back is about 15 inches, not 18.5 inches. This was important for my desk space, and it may help others.

    UPDATE: after using this for several weeks, I can state it is an excellent printer in almost every way. HOWEVER, as others have noted, beware the rapid ink usage, which I am comparing vs. three other inkjets I have owned. I have printed a single 4 by 6 photo, and then every other use has been simple plain paper documents on the ink-saving “fast” setting. After a fairly limited number of pages (sorry, I did not keep track, other than to try to not use the printer much — have not refilled the paper tray yet), I am getting low ink warnings on the grey ink, with others soon to follow. According to a Canon rep, the grey ink is apparently used more than black when printing on “fast.” So much for conserving ink. Canon suggests using the “grey scale” setting if you want to save Grey ink, which is counterintuitive to me. They also told me that the printer will probably disable all printing if one of the tanks is empty, and there is no way to override this. Disappointing
    CONCLUSION: Even though I am a Canon loyalist, based on my experience so far, I would advise against using this as your “routine” printer for everyday usage, as the ink depletion and costs seem frightfully high. Guess it is back to my old cheapo Brother multifunction for most routine printing and copying, and save the Canon for special jobs. I will update as experience lengthens.

    Addendum Dec 15, 2011: The low ink warnings come very early and persist for many many printed pages. Yesterday my grey ink finally ran out, which was 8 weeks and about 75 pages after the low ink warning. I was using the above settings to save ink. Anyway, the ink usage is not as awful as I originally thought, but still not very good. Otherwise a fabulous scanner/copier/printer.

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