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As the love fades between you and your device, you can bring it to Experimax for an instant offer to buy. Tell your old device, “It’s not me, it’s you…” this Valentine’s season, trading heartache for a few extra bucks. Experimax is the retail leader in the sale and service of pre-owned electronic devices with a strong focus on Apple products.

“Our efficient buying process at Experimax can be explained in three easy steps,” said Founder and Brand President Jim Muir. “Bring in your product, let us look and give you an instant offer, then collect your cash. It’s really that simple!”

In addition to selling your old device, you can also trade it in for an upgrade or even buy a pre-owned device for an affordable price with a one-year warranty. Buying a certified pre-owned device delivers several consumer benefits, not the least of which are the cost savings when compared to the steep price tag of a brand-new device. Additionally, you show your love for the environment by reducing the flow of tech waste. Purchasing certified pre-owned is also a great way to introduce younger generations to responsible device ownership. What’s making all this possible? The opportunity to sell your device to Experimax for instant cash. 

“If you’ve lost that loving feeling for your high-quality device, Experimax makes it easier than ever to have an amicable split and and walk away with cash in your pocket,” added Muir.

Experimax, a member of United Franchise Group’s affiliated companies and brands, has more than 100 locations throughout the world. Customers count on Experimax as a one-stop shop for affordable, high-quality and pre-owned electronic devices. The brand’s experts can troubleshoot computer problems, fix cracked screens, recover data, offer upgrades and provide a warranty that takes the risk out of buying pre-owned.

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