BatchOutput PDF improves printer description file handling


Zevrix Solutions has announced the release of BatchOutput PDF 2.2.38, a maintenance update to the company’s PDF printing automation solution for Mac. The only consumer-oriented product for automatic PDF printing on the Mac market, the software allows users to process PDF documents from watched hot folders.

The new version prevents unnecessary resetting of printer features to their defaults due to mere changes of the modification date of PostScript Printer Description files. With the new update, BatchOutput PDF compares PPD files by their file version value, which ensures that printer features will be reset only if the printer software is updated with new specifications.

“The cost is very low compared to the power this app has,” says Mark Lenaerts of ZwartOpWit printing company in Herenthout, Belgium. “We produce thousands of prints every week… To be able to make adjustments in one place for every workflow regarding prints is easy and efficient.”

BatchOutput PDF helps users eliminate countless repetitive tasks of opening PDF files and adjusting print settings manually by bypassing the standard print dialog. For example, users can create hot folders for color and black-and-white printers, specific paper sizes, duplex modes, various color profiles and other controls. The app offers the following key features:

* Print PDF files automatically from watched hot folders
* Create hot folders for different print settings
* Specify password for encrypted PDFs
* Detailed output history
* Save time and hassle of printing each PDF manually

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