Automatic crash detection app now in App Store


Parents and teens get extra peace of mind when they use the Rocky Haire Injury Lawyers Denton and Dallas app with automatic crash detection and emergency contact notification. Available for free download on Google Play and the App Store, parents and their teen drivers can list three emergency contacts’ names, email and phone numbers where they can receive a text message in the event of an accident.

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The app can sense when the user’s phone experiences an abrupt change in travel, when the phone is in the car and it goes from driving speed to zero in an instant because of a wreck.

“Having kids of my own that drive is nerve racking enough, says, injury lawyer Rocky Haire, technology today allows some assurance you know what’s happening when your teens are driving. It’s really is a great tool for parents.”

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You can also manually set off the crash detection alert in the event of another emergency in which you need immediate first responders but cannot make an emergency phone call. For example, if you are injured, if you fear an intruder, or in any other situation where you cannot make a phone call, you can still summon help.

A parent’s worst fear is their teenager being in danger and not being able to spring into action to help. With automatic car crash detection, if your son or daughter is in a wreck, the Rocky Haire Injury Lawyers app will instantly notify all three emergency contacts by email and text.

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