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Podcasts are popular, very popular. People listen to podcasts like they listened to radio before. Podcasts are interesting and entertaining, and there are lots of really nice podcasts to choose from.

Even businesses and others use podcasts in their marketing, like brands, YouTubers and professional podcasters. But podcasting can be complicated and time-consuming. However, there are ways around all the complicated stuff.

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Audello is one of those ways.

Audello provides you with a powerful toolkit that will help you succeed at building huge engaged audiences, targeted mailing lists and fans, all through the power of podcasting and audio content.

It has a desktop app for you Mac that lets you record audio or Skype calls. Drag in existing audio files to convert into web ready format, and upload with one click. It also has a web app that lets you control and customise your audio, podcasts, playlists and audio players. It even gives you detailed stats.

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Audello also has a great iPhone app. Record audio, interviews and podcast episodes on the go. Press one button to upload, publish and schedule.

Visit the Audello website for more information.

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