app for Mac now includes new Dropbox integration

macbook, a free app which represents a breakthrough in affordability for AI-driven speech transcription of video and audio, is now available with a new Dropbox integration. By leveraging powerful AI capabilities as well as Dropbox’s unique sharing and collaboration capabilities, the new app enables new workflows for distributed teams.

The software is now available for free download for MacOS and Windows from the website ( and includes one hour of free transcription of content. Subscriptions start at $4.95 per month for 2.5 hours of transcription ($1.98 per hour), with even lower per-hour prices in larger quantities.

The app uses the same axle ai Speech services employed by the company’s groundbreaking panels for Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as its industry-leading axle ai 2020 media management system for small and midsize video teams. The app runs directly on any MacOS or Windows system running current versions of each platform, and connects with the axle ai Speech cloud service to perform the transcription, as well as Dropbox as a source for the transcribed files and destination for the resulting transcripts. Instead of sending the whole video file to be transcribed, creates an audio-only file that is quickly processed in the background. The app displays this transcript and displays an editable version via a self-explanatory user interface. The whole process is faster than real-time, with each minute of footage transcribed and results returned to the app in as little as 10 seconds. The app can store the resulting transcripts in Dropbox, and write sidecar XMP metadata files or industry-standard SRT caption files. Languages supported in this release are English (both American and British dialects), Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Korean.

Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle AI, said, “It’s always been our mission to bring the power of video search, collaboration and transcription to an ever-wider group of creative teams. Today we’re taking this to a whole new level, with our integration with Dropbox’s powerful collaboration capabilities available to millions of users worldwide. This means that nearly anyone with a computer and Dropbox access can get near-instant, affordable transcription of their media, and share the resulting transcript with their global team.”

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