AQ releases AppSwitcher 1.0 for Mac for clean app switching


Aquarius Computer today is pleased to announce the release of AppSwitcher 1.0 for Mac. AppSwitcher is a new system extension-like app, that allows you to Switch to one App (at a time), and Switch to only that App. (Like having “Hide Others” always on.)

With AppSwitcher, have a clean desktop + app. For beautiful presentation of your Apps; almost more like if you were using an iPad (or iPhone) on your Mac, just like Big Sur.

This also puts the macOS Wallpaper full on like how you love on Big Sur (with the tinted-on wallpaper windows). AppSwitcher is otherwise out of your way, dock-less and hiding in your menubar as a menubar icon. It can be turned on to Open at Login and temporarily disabled for things like dragging and dropping between apps (if that’s ever needed).

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