Apple vows iPhones doesn’t listen in on users

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In the aftermath of numerous reports that Amazon’s Alexa speakers were “accidentally” listening in, and in some cases recording the conversations of their owners, on Tuesday Apple responded to US lawmakers whether its iPhones invade users’ privacy and listen in on conversation without their consent: Apple’s response: a resounding “no”, and added that it does not allow third-party apps to do so either, after lawmakers asked the company if its devices were invading users’ privacy, according to ZeroHedge.

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Apple replied to the US Congressman, stating that its virtual assistant, Siri, could not collect voice data until it was activated with the words “Hey, Siri,” and that third-party apps were not allowed to use any data received via Siri, The Washington Post reported.

According to Apple, iPhones also do not collect data from Wi-Fi networks and mobile operators’ stations if the user turns off the corresponding option in the settings. In addition, the company said that it rejected about 36,000 of the 100,000 mobile apps put into its store every week because of discrepancies in the company’s policies, Sputnik News reported.

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