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You can now hide shows while being reviewed for approval. This way you can easily manage the launch of new shows directly from Podcasts Connect.

Simply select Hide Podcast after submitting it for review — this action will not impact or delay the feed’s review process. When approved, you can then select Unhide Podcast and allow up to 24 hours for your show to become searchable on Apple Podcasts.

Learn more about planning and promoting your new shows on Podcast Marketing Best Practices.

Apple Podcasts updated the aspect ratio of images of hosts and guests displayed on show and episode pages. Review the updated requirements below:

  • 3:4 aspect ratio 
  • Size: 1080 pixels wide x 1440 pixels tall preferred 
  • Format: PNG or JPG 
  • Fit the entire face of the person within the image 
  • Do not crop face, ears, or chin 
  • Leave padding between edge of the image and the face 
  • Subject should face and look into the camera 
  • Use simple, non-distracting backgrounds 
  • Avoid typography and logos 
  • Avoid other faces in the image background 

Photo submissions for podcast guests must also include a signed photo release. For multiple images, consider including them in a compressed folder or an external link to a file-sharing service. 

As a reminder, this enhancement is only available for selected top shows in English. More podcasts will be added over time; please review and accept the latest Terms of Service inPodcasts Connect for your show to be eligible for these features.

If you plan to release new shows on Apple Podcasts in November or December, be aware of the following periods of delayed submission activity:

  • November 22 to December 2
  • December 23 to January 2

Shows submitted during these windows may not be available within Apple Podcasts regular timeframe of five business days. Plan accordingly and submit any new shows with this in mind. 

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