Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (Yellow) – Unlocked Reviews

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Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (Yellow) – Unlocked

Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (Yellow) - Unlocked

  • 4-inch Retina display
  • A6 chip
  • 8MP iSight camera and 1080p HD video recording
  • FaceTime HD camera
  • Unlocked cell phones are compatible with GSM carriers like AT&T and T-Mobile as well as with GSM SIM cards (e.g. H20 and select prepaid carriers). Unlocked cell phones will not work with CDMA Carriers like Sprint, Verizon, Boost or Virgin.

The iPhone 5c is Apple’s more colorful version of the popular iPhone 5 flagship. Featuring an all new design, a 4-inch Retina display, super fast A6 chip, iOS 7 and an 8 MP iSight camera, the iPhone 5c encompasses everything you love about Apple and the iPhone in a fun, colorful package. iPhone 5c’s all-new design is crafted from a single, hard-coated poly-carbonate body with a steel reinforced frame that delivers an extremely solid feel but also makes it slightly bigger than its older brother. Its A6 processing chip provides excellent performance that we’ve come to know and love on the iPhone 5, while its 4G LTE connectivity provides support for 10 different LTE wireless bands; more than any other smartphone in the world. It also sports a slightly larger battery than its older brother, offering you up to 10h of talk time on 3G networks, up to 10h of web browsing on WiFi or LTE networks, up to 10h of video playback, and last but not least, up to 40h of audio playback. The iPhone 5c als

List Price: $ 550.00

Price: $ 550.00

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3 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (Yellow) – Unlocked Reviews

  1. 63 of 75 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great phone. Great price., October 15, 2013
    Thomas A. Fabrizio Jr. “Tech Geek” (Kennett Square, PA USA) –

    I wanna address some of other peoples reviews on this product, especially the guy that said unlocked phones don’t exist on apple anymore.

    Apple sells unlocked phones directly from their factory for GSM carriers. You’re an idiot. Plain and simple. I don’t even know how your review got posted, all of the negative reviews here don’t add to the listing at all. Keep your ignorance to yourself.

    Anyways onto the review.

    I’ve had the phone for about a month now, I wanted to get the 5S and was saving for it but my 4S was stolen and so obviously I needed a phone fast.

    So I guess I’ll list the pros and cons over my 4S.

    1.Cheaper at 99 dollars with a two year contract locked to a carrier.
    2. Nice color.
    3. Bigger screen is much welcomed.
    4. Faster chipset with the A6 chip is great.
    5. Camera is absolutely awesome.
    6. Battery life is great. After all day with my phone. I still had a half of battery left. Which is pretty good for a smartphone.

    1. Plastic construction may be a vulnerability and doesn’t look as elegant.
    2. Accessory support really is limited for this phone. Which is heavily disappointing. Every accessory fits only the 5 and 5s. So be advised not many cases are out for this phone.

    In my opinion this is a great phone replacement for someone who wants an iphone but at a cheaper price. But if you have the money, I’d go with the 5S. Just because of the lack or accessory support for the 5C.

    EDIT 10/30/13: a commenter (Chow) mentioned that my review contains material from the carrier locked phone. And that it’s widely unhelpful. At this point I would like to mention that the carrier locked phone and the unlocked phone are the EXACT same device. With the EXACT same functionality. The only difference being that one is unlocked to all GSM chipset carriers rather than being restricted to one. So even though I wrote the review on the fact that I own the carrier locked version, all the points stated in my review still are valid other than the change in price between the two. Apple iPhones have the same basic components and same software regardless if they are carrier locked or not.


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  2. 31 of 36 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Real review of a great phone compared to 5s!, October 26, 2013
    Whitecraine (SF, CA, USA) –

    I got my phone through T-mobile’s deal of $0 down and pay over 2 years. It’s my first iphone switching from andriod. At first I was worried about missing out on the 5s features and that it would be quite small compared to HTC One and other Samsung phones, but I think it is the right size for convenient single hand usage. A bigger screen may be welcome in the future for better movies/gameplay/document viewing but it’s certainly better than the 4s screen size.

    I finally went to an Apple store to see the 5s that I “missed out” on. I found out I actually preferred the 5c to the 5s because of how comfortable it felt in hand and the slight additional weight of the 5c made it feel more substantial and durable. The 5s was also less comfortable to hold due to the sharp edges and felt “cheap” because of how light it was. I was also kind of turned off by how the 5s looks after being used for so long – the demo models were a bit scratched/grimy not very bright/shinny/attractive. On the other hand the 5c “ages” well. I also tested responsiveness and speed of the user interface and was not impressed. It was exactly the same as the 5c. Probably larger apps and other computation would load faster, but general things like scrolling through menus, opening webpages was no different. Next time I’ll have to try something more graphics intensive and report back but it does say a lot about the 5c.

    Functionality, speed and ergonomics are all there with the 5c. Another thing worth mentioning is that the 5c is the less “flashy” phone and that was important to me (at least the white version) since I am not looking to standout and since there are a lot of phone theft/muggings/robberies these days. So overall, I feel this phone fit my needs perfectly.

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  3. 15 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Pros and cons of 5c, November 1, 2013

    Overall the product is great.But here are some pros and cons.
    1. Affordable
    2. Great colors
    3. Camera takes nice pictures
    4. Battery lasts a long time
    5. Has A6 chip which is great for what you are spending.

    1. Made from plastic
    2. Looks a little child like
    3. Not very elegant
    The 5c is overall a great phone for a person who wants a smartphone and does not want to spend to much money.

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