Apple iPad Air ME898LL/A (128GB, Wi-Fi, Black with Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION

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Apple iPad Air ME898LL/A (128GB, Wi-Fi, Black with Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION

Apple iPad Air ME898LL/A (128GB, Wi-Fi, Black with Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION

  • Apple iOS 7; 9.7 Retina display; 2048 x 1536 resolution
  • A7 chip with 64-bit architecture and M7 motion coprocessor
  • Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n) with MIMO; 128 GB capacity
  • 5 MP iSight camera; 1080p HD video recording
  • Up to 10 hours of battery life; 1 lb

Apple iPad XX6LL/A Tablet (64GB, Wifi + AT&T 3G, Black) NEWEST MODEL

List Price: $ 799.00

Price: $ 850.99

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3 thoughts on “Apple iPad Air ME898LL/A (128GB, Wi-Fi, Black with Space Gray) NEWEST VERSION

  1. 18 of 25 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Faster, lighter, longer lasting power with free top quality apps to download!, November 9, 2013
    jjceo (jjceo@comcast . net) (Greenwood, Indiana) –

    Customer Video Review Length:: 9:12 Mins

    I use an Apple iPad about 6 to 8 hours a day. I own an iPad 2 and 3 and now this new iPad Air version. My main reasons for updating were that I literally fill up my 64 GIG iPad every day or two with videos and photos that I shoot. Having this larger version at 128 GIG allows me to work longer and add more to my iPad. In addition this new version is much lighter and easier to use all day long. Even though the battery is smaller in capacity than my iPad 3 the battery life is longer and it is very noticeable. This is because the faster A7 CPU and the motion chip actually use less power.

    Please watch my video as I go into more details in it.

    I immediately noticed the increase in speed. The unit connects to the WIFI faster, synchs with iTunes faster, downloads emails faster and speeds up your web browsing. The differences are very noticeable and enjoyable as a user. The dual speakers are a nice change but I also use a lot of Bluetooth speakers to enhance the sound of the iPad.

    In my video I do a size and weight comparison to an iPad 2, an iPad 3 and the iPad Air. I also show how the basic set up takes place and for advanced users you can just speed through that portion of the video. The iPad 2 weighs 1 pound 5 1/8 ounces, the iPad 3 weighs 1 pound 7 1/8 ounces, and the iPad Air weighs 1 pound and ¼ ounce. The iPad Air is narrower but has the same screen size. The left and right edges of the iPad are thinner on the sides of the useable screen and you can see that in the video.

    Here are the key improvements for me:
    * Much lighter in weight
    * Thinner, smaller design with the same screen size
    * Much faster when synching with iTunes
    * Much faster when browsing the web
    * Much faster when downloading emails
    * Stronger WIFI connection and faster WIFI synching
    * A more powerful AC wall adapter with 5.2 VDC and an output of 2.4 Amps. It charges at 12 watts of power. It operates at 100 to 240 VAC and 50/60 Hz and it is UL approved. It features folding AC wall plugs for easy packing when traveling.
    * Lower CPU and motion chip power consumption that makes the smaller/lighter internal battery last longer! This is very noticeable!
    * As usual a beautiful high resolution retina screen with 2048 by 1536 resolution at 264 pixels per inch. You can see the difference in the photos, videos and reading quality of the screen.
    * Dual speakers in the bottom
    * Free high quality Apps
    * iPhoto
    * iMovie
    * GarageBand
    * Pages
    * Keynote
    * Remember to download these from Apple!

    Overall this is a superior product that really outperforms the older iPads that I have. I was disappointed that the new iPad Air did not have the home button with the fingerprint sensor built in. Since I have used it with my iPhone 5S I have really become attached to it and it just seems like a way to cheapen the unit and be more competitive instead of showing and using the enhanced technology. I would have paid a little more for the iPad Air with that sensor.

    This is still a 5 star product and I recommend it as a very good tablet.

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  2. 18 of 26 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The best tablet just got better, November 2, 2013
    G. Ware Cornell Jr. “anotherlawyer” (Weston FL) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    When the first iPad was released in the spring of 2010, it was accompanied by a cacophony of jokes about its name and its size. Three and a half years later, the release of the iPad Air, the fifth full-size tablet Apple has offer, has been much calmer. This is the fourth full-size iPad I have owned, beginning with the AT&T 3G model which was released in May, 2010, about a month after the first WiFi only iPads arrived. Every one of my iPads has had an AT&T cellular data.

    Until this model I have purchased the largest capacity solid state drive Apple has offered. This year there is a 128GB iPad, which costs about $100 more than my 64GB model. Here is the reason I did not select the higher capacity-iCloud. Data stored on iCloud is instantly available across multiple IOS and OSX devices. With all that storage (I buy 50GBs annually) why duplicate it on a hard disk?

    The iPad Air is incredibly light(about a pound) and has a slightly smaller external footprint than previous models. The retina display actually seems sharper, if such a thing is possible. It also holds a charge for even longer than before.

    Beyond the physical beauty of the iPad Air is its amazing utility. As a trial lawyer I can easily access the firm’s network. This means that every file and every document is instantly at my command. In just a few years time I have learned that I no longer need to drag loads of paper files and depositions with me to court.

    Over 400,000 apps are built exclusively for iPad, and well over a million iPhone apps run on my device as well. It is an incredibly powerful platform, well on its way to replacing laptops for all but the most labor intensive tasks. When I travel, I typically bring only my iPad-no laptop, no hard copy of a file. I didn’t really appreciate just how dependent I had become on the iPad until this June when a federal judge held that I could bring either a laptop or a tablet into the courthouse. I chose the iPad.

    My weapon of choice-the iPad. This is the one tablet to buy if you are serious about using a tablet. It’s pricy, but it may well be, the perfect tablet.

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  3. 3 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Well Apple you finally got me, November 15, 2013
    Danamite (USA) –

    I managed to avoid 5 generations of ipad purchases (including the 1st generation mini) but this one finally got me. My eye doctor told me if I didn’t stop being ridiculous and using my itouch as an ereader (I know, I know but it was so portable!) I could kiss my 20-20 vision goodbye. Basically Apple can thank my optometrist. That being said this thing is gorgeous. It takes beautiful photos and video, the screen is crisp and clear. While I don’t run around in public taking photos and video with it I’m happy it has the capability. It’s great for watching movies on the go and I’ve been very happy with the battery life.

    So why should you buy this one? It’s a reasonable size without sacrificing screen size or quality. I think the ipad mini is cute but I have friends who practically have smartphones with a screen that size. It wasn’t worth the price for me. We have other ipad products in my family, I’ve never been motivated enough to go out and buy my own but this one is a good size. It fits in a normal size bag or purse and makes me feel like I’m carrying around a pad of paper rather than a small laptop.

    I’ve had several people ask me why I bought a ipad instead of a kindle fire or the like. As I said, we have a lot of iproducts at my house and I’m very happy with itunes. This way I can easily swap movies, tv shows, ebooks, various apps I need on a daily basis around and basically this has turned into a backup laptop for me. The functionality was absolutely worth it to me.

    I guess if I were to say anything negative it would be 1) I’m never going to live down finally having bought one after saying I wouldn’t for so many years and 2) my iphone and itouch now seem incredibly small. I’m hoping the iphone 6 releases soon and has a bigger screen. First world problems to be sure but there you have it.

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