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Apple has changed the way the world behaves and the way the world thinks. It’s as simple as that – and as mind-blowing.

Consider the iPod and the iPhone. Although there are other great products out there, some of which actually led the way into this new and ever-changing digital age, it is these two which have set the standards that others aspire to. Apple products are the epitome of sexy cool, and the clientele who buy them are not simply buying a product – they’re buying into a way of life that goes with it.

For while other companies such as Samsung and Microsoft sell you their products, Apple are selling you so much more than the gadget you get in your hand. They are selling you membership to an (admittedly large) clique who think and behave differently from buyers of the past.

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And thus Apple has also changed the way the business world behaves and thinks.

In the past, techno companies sold their main products relatively cheaply but priced the necessary add-ons at a high cost, as this is where the wisdom said they were to make their money. Apple, however, flipped that perceived wisdom, and sold the units at high cost (the first iPods cost $399) – and sold the add-ons for mere pennies.

It might not be widely known, but Apple doesn’t make that much money from the iTunes it sells – but that’s OK; because as Steve jobs once admitted – Apple isn’t selling music, it’s “selling iPods”. So create an add-on that everyone wants, and you can sell the gadget necessary to use the add-on for far more than its real value. Brilliant.

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A couple of decades ago, business experts would have said that the Apple model would never work. But it has and then some.

Apple’s approach to business is the epitome of what has been termed ‘The Golden Circle’. In short, most businesses say to the consumer: “We make beautiful and incredibly technological products. Want to buy one?”. Apple, however, are saying: “We’re a group of really cool people who think every product we use – and make – should be beautiful and incredible. By the way, we happen to make computers. want to buy one?”

It’s a subtle yet incredibly successful different approach to business; one which inspires fierce customer loyalty – and thereby drives profits to stratospheric levels.

Apple is the largest publicly traded company in the world; in May of 2013, Apple Inc. entered the Top Ten of the Fortune 500 list for the first time, with an estimated value of $415 billion.

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To top it all, in 2012 Apple became the most valuable brand on the planet.

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