AlphaDigits announces top-rated mobile apps for August 2021

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Mobile app review publisher AlphaDigits has named top-rated mobile applications for August 2021. AlphaDigits names five top-class mobile apps every month based on the reviews published on the website during that particular month. This website has now released the names of top-rated mobile apps for the month of August.

* Sputnik VI (10/10): Sputnik VI is an arcade game that is all about saving our galaxy from the virus. This app is small-sized, so before users know they hit the install button, the app gets downloaded and installed instantly. Also, there is no lengthy and annoying registration process to play the game, users need to just click on the app icon to start playing. Unlike reality, in this game, the coronavirus is all set to spread to other planets in our solar system and maybe travel through galaxies.

* Call Assistant AI (9.5/10): No matter the state of the phone when calls came in, whether off or on or without network reception, this app will inform users about the callers whose calls entered. As soon as Call Assistant AI is installed on their phone, a unique code allocated to their network provider will be dialed automatically and forwarded to Call Assistant’s Voicemail as a call that was missed. This process will enable the creators of the app to handle every call and other call-related matters.

* Chatspin (9/10): Once users download and click on the app icon, they need to choose their gender and agree to their Terms of Agreement to start a chat. Chatspin will connect them to a random person throughout the globe who uses the app instantly. If they are bored to chat with the same person they can simply swipe right to begin a different live chat and meet someone new. If they do not wish to reveal their identity and hope to have some fun, a wide range of cool face filters is available. 

* iFun Screen Recorder (8.5/10): Screen recording is a valuable tool for explaining problems or solutions involving digital technology. However, some users complain that the recording lowers the quality of their content. If that’s the case, this new video screen recorder on the market might be worth a shot. It’s a simple and effective screen recording program for Windows 7, 8, and 10. 

* (8/10): With eighteen years of experience in building websites, the minds behind bring users a sitemap app that they know will help them or their agency build websites that flow. With the ability to color coordinate, make notes, and add pages, this site makes panning their website a breeze. They can leave notes for what content goes where and upload designs. This website is a perfect way to plan out their webpage and make sure it’s super user-friendly. 

Joe Ellen, an Editor at AlphaDigits said, “We have a full-fledged marketing team that can help developers generate web reviews, application store reviews and installs for their apps.” Developers can also contact AlphaDigits through the onsite form or mail to get their apps reviewed.

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