Adobe Premiere Elements 12

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Adobe Premiere Elements 12

Adobe Premiere Elements 12

  • Organize – Easily order, label, find, and view video clips.
  • Edit – Make videos look their best, with easy-to-use options for every user level – from quick moviemaking to guided tutorials, you have the freedom to explore your creative potential.
  • Enhance – Add professional touches using a wide range of effects, transitions, themes, titles, and more.
  • Share – Wow your friends when you share your creation on disc, HDTV, YouTube, and Facebook. And now, take your Elements videos with you, wherever you go, on your smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Adobe Premiere Elements 12 Empower your creative vision with video editing so intuitive and automated, it almost makes the movie for you. Use special effects and in-app guidance to create entertaining movies that will wow family and friends. And now, take your Elements videos with you, wherever you go, on your smartphone or tablet.* Discover a friendly and intuitive environment — Organize, edit, enhance, and share more quickly and easily thanks to big, bold icons; a helpful Action bar; and the ability to choose from Quick and Expert editing modes to fit your needs. Take your videos with you wherever you go — Easily view, relive, and share your Elements videos on your smartphone or tablet. Conversely, view the videos on your smartphone and tablet in Elements.* Learn as you use — Use Guided Edits to learn advanced editing techniques with built-in video tutorials. Build your moviemaking savvy in no time. Get Hollywood effects and

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Price: $ 59.99

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3 thoughts on “Adobe Premiere Elements 12

  1. 33 of 40 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    What it does, it does pretty well…sometimes, November 29, 2013

    This review is from: Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (DVD-ROM)

    The more I use this program, the less I like it. I’m sure it’s OK for really simple stuff (so is Windows MovieMaker, which is free) but Adobe really fell down on many, many basic things here. The point is this: if you’re going to include a feature, make sure it works..right…all the time. In other words, don’t promise what you can’t deliver. I started it at 3 stars; I’m downgrading it to two. I would quit and use something else, but I have too much time and energy invested in my project so I’m going to have to tough it out.

    If you are used to PhotoShop CS or Elements, and expecting even a decent PhotoShop experience, forget it. This program is a frustrating mix of the familiar and a failure to deliver both the familiar and the logical. (I make frequent reference to PhotoShop because many basic features of PS could have been incorporated and weren’t. It’s not as if no one at Adobe were aware of the possibilities. Or maybe all those guys retired and didn’t leave any notes?)

    Here are just a few of the serious limitations. I have noted these more or less as they came up, although I’ve tried to organized them to some degree. But any incoherence mirrors the incoherence of the program and its whims.

    Missing instructions in the Manual. This is a huge time-waster, forcing you to spend hours on the internet trying to track down answers that should have been provided. Example: from APE11 on, the previously Pro-only feature of “Time Remapping” is included. Great news! I could hardly wait to try it. So I opened the PDF Manual (or “Tutorial” as Adobe prefers to call it–hedging their bets?–we never promised you a Manual?) and did a search for “Time Remapping.

    Here’s what the instructions say: “Tools: Provides options that let you add cool effects to your video. For example, use Time Remapping and Smart Mix to add sophisticated motion effects to your video.” Wow, this does sound cool. But they don’t tell you anything about how it works or how to make it work. Like, you know, instructions? So I click to find the next occurrence…surely I’ll find instructions there.

    Well, here’s what I found: “In the Quick view, use the Time Remapping feature to reverse a clip.” Period. Does it work in the “Expert” view? Who knows? How do you use it? Who knows? The Manual appears to have been written for and by the kind of smart high-school kid who never reads the instructions, and loves to figure everything out by trial and error–kind of like hacking. The rest of us are left to waste time rather than move forward with the projects that motivated us to buy the software in the first place..

    In the program itself, the two worst aspects are probably the Timeline and adding text (what AP12 refers to as “Titles”).

    Timeline: when you move, alter or delete audio or video clips on the various tracks, the program has a disastrous habit of arbitrarily moving clips on other tracks. This occurs even though the clips in question are not linked or grouped and have never been linked or grouped. If you have material on several tracks, you can’t see this happening because not all the tracks are visible. So often, it’s too late to just “Undo” without trashing quite a bit of work. This can be insanity-producing after you have painstakingly aligned various tracks on the timeline to get everything synchronized, and APE12 moves everything around. So you have to undo whatever you did in the meantime (go into History and retreat to a prior state). Then try again, cautiously, hoping that you won’t upset the sleeping ogre. Terribly time-wasting, distracting and inefficient. Buggy program should have been fixed.

    The program also has trouble if you attempt to close a gap between two clips (audio or video) if there is anything above or below the gap on an adjacent clip. In this case at least it won’t move things arbitrarily; instead it just disallows your attempt. (Delete and close gap is grayed out.) You can get better results if you vacate the clip above or below. But sometimes this doesn’t help, either. This is a terrible workflow situation. Buggy program should have been fixed.

    Another cute Timeline feature is the program’s habit of arbitrarily putting new clips on various tracks. Say you are adding text to a number of places on the timeline. You add one, then on to the next Then you realize that some of them are missing! Have they somehow been dropped, or never added? Don’t worry, they are still there, but you can’t see them because APE has decided to put them 2 tracks above the one you’re working on, so that they aren’t visible unless you either scroll up, or reduce the size of the preview window. Buggy program should have been fixed.

    APE12 will sabotage your best efforts at combining audio and video. You have selected a nice background track and inserted it, so that you could see how it works with the…

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  2. 23 of 27 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice step up from Premiere Elements 10, October 19, 2013
    J. Harley (East Coast USA) –

    This review is from: Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (DVD-ROM)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)

    The program comes with two disks, one for Mac and one for Windows. However, unlike some other Adobe products, Lightroom for instance, Premiere Elements does not allow concurrent use on Mac and PC. I chose to install it on a Windows PC. Installation took 8 minutes and included a reboot. One welcome relief was no longer being required to install the separate content DVD. After installation, I was greeted by a box saying that sign in with an Adobe ID was required. It warned that the program would stop working in 7 days if I did not sign in with an Adobe ID. So, I treid to do so and it kept failing, saying i had no internet connection. I opened and refreshed several browser pages and sent/received several test emails to verify browser and application Internet access. I waited a few minutes and the program finally connected to the Internet and successfully registered with my Adobe ID. Signing in with an Adobe ID is mandatory and part of the licensing scheme. That’s how I found out the program doesn’t allow simultaneous Mac and PC use. I needed to capture some footage specifically on my iMac but iMovie has not worked properly since I upgraded to OSX Mavericks. After installing Premiere Elements on my iMac, it deactivated the version on my PC as soon as I signed into my Adobe account. Upon finishing the project, I signed out of Premiere on the iMac and it allowed me to reactivate the software on my PC.

    Coming from PreE10, the Interface has changed dramatically. The welcome screen is different and thankfully still offers the option to boot directly to the editor or organizer if you desire. Both the organizer and editing environments are cleaner and neater. The UI is much more simple and easier to use with features logically arranged along task bars instead of scattered al over in individual windows. On feature that should be warmly welcomed is the guided editing feature. It offers hints and tips as you work on your project that can help improve your workflow or even the quality of the project itself. These aren’t worthless no-brainer hints that any newbie could figure out, but actual helpful hints that even seasoned users can use from time to time. Ironically, some seasoned Premiere Elements users might not appreciate the simple minimalist UI and guided editing features. Those who are new to the program or those who were overwheled by the previous interface will definitely appreciate and welcome it. It’s the easiest to navigate and and most straightforward UI I’ve seen in Premiere Elements in a while. The new simpler interface and guided edits combined with the older ease of use features, such as instant movie, will virtually guarantee that pretty much anyone of any experience level can fire up Premiere Elements 12 and produce a pretty decent movie from raw footage to finished DVD. You can also export to several online video sites as well as pretty much any format capable of playing on a desktop or mobile device.

    As far as actual editing, I can still find everything relatively easily. I’ve been using Premiere Elements since version 1, so I’m pretty familiar with the layout and workflow regardless of how many changes they make to the UI. For the most part, actual editing and movie making seems about the same as it has for the past several versions. Despite the minimalist UI, you still have the storyboard or timeline option (which Adobe titled “quick” and “expert”) and importing video as well as applying effects and filters are pretty much the same. The only difference is that everything is initiated from a taskbar type menu at the bottom instead of a dedicated window. I actually love the new interface because it seems less cluttered and makes it much easier to stay organized. I can’t stand crowded messy video editing environment. With true 64-bit performance on both Windows and OSX, as well as a license that allows you to install a single-instance use on each, this will be my go to video editing app on both PC and Mac. I’ve used countless movie editing programs on both Mac and PC and Premiere Elements has always remained one of my favorites as far as stability, ease of use and quality of the finished product.

    Besides the changes to the interface and the guided edits, there are a several more new features that I did not have in version 10, such as geotagging, mobile device albums/syncing, and a few extra corrective and special effects. Mobile syncing is handled through Adobe Revel. Adobe allows you unlimited uploads for the first 30 days after you establish your Revel account. After 30 days, you’re limited to 50 files per calendar month. They also offer a subscription to Revel Premium which offers unlimited uploads for a modest monthly fee. I plan to take full advantage of my first 30 days of unlimited uploads. My smartphone is packed with photos and videos that will soon be uploaded.

    If you’re using Premiere Elements version 10 or…

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  3. 9 of 11 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Very good program. Overlaps well with Adobe Photoshop. Takes some effort to use, however., November 27, 2013
    Narut Ujnat “Enthusiasm is contagious.” (Tradewinds blowing, and the sun shining. Hopefully.) –

    This review is from: Adobe Premiere Elements 12 (DVD-ROM)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    I am familiar with a previous Elements photo program and Photoshop from Adobe, and have liked those programs.

    This program is, of course, a condensed version of the program for videos.

    1. What’s in the box:? You receive a single DVD version of the program, along with some ephemera for a trial for Photo Element and other material.

    2. Use:?

    After loading the program, you have the option to load an updated organizer for all media, including pictures and video, and the video editor itself. As I was not sure whether uploading the updated organizer would force me to then update my Photo Elements program, I did not update this part of the program.

    When launching the program, you see splashscreen that allows you to either open the organizer for viewing media, or the video editor.

    After opening the video editor, you see the ‘editor deck.’ Basically you add media to the deck and you can edit the media for length and so forth. This is actually quite easy and very straightforward. Also, you can add music from the existing library or from your own sources, as well as effects that are pretty impressive for titles and text as well.

    I found this program to be easy to get the basics down fairly rapidly, but the learning curve is still dependent on some time taken to learn the more detailed parts of the program. As I have not used this program before, I have to say it is quite similar to the Corel product I tried a few months ago. Both have very similar editor decks and concepts. If you use an Adobe product , then you are already within the Adobe universe so there is similar overlap between the photo and video parts of the program, as here. A great feature that is included is the series of video tutorials available as well. Here, I learned how to insert music on my videos and many other tips that have helped me. This is a great feature that I did not take advantage of with the Photo Elements, but here it was a great find for me.

    After making some videos with this program, I believe it is quite easy to get the program off the ground for most curious users. However, after seeing the many options available, more expert use requires some effort to learn the features and I am still actively learning to make more than rudimentary videos. It is clear, though, that this is a very good, and fairly inexpensive product to be able to have to make some cool presentations in a way that sure was not possible years ago. If you intend to make videos, you seemingly can’t go wrong with the program for most applications.


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