8 things I love about Apple TV

apple tv

Apple TV is that sexy little box you can connect to your TV to add more entertainment, music, movies and much more to your TV. Here is an exciting list of the benefits of Apple TV:

1. Connect all devices
Apple TV is not just a normal TV. It can do a lot of other things as well. You can connect to your PC or LCD for music and movies. You can use it anywhere and anytime. The movies and songs are saved in the Apple TV and it lets you enjoy the best TV experience anywhere.

2. Audio and video Streaming
With Apple TV, you can get quality content using the internet. The Apple TV allows you to get content from iTunes as well as small content providers online. Simple is, you will be renting out the audio or video content for your Apple TV. The quality of video and audio is just amazing and far better than any device out there.

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3. Mirroring capabilities
If you have a Mac, iPhone or iPad you can mirror them with your Apple TV device. The content on any of your device will be able on the other. You can also watch Apple TV videos and movies on your iPhone or Mac. This is something really good and makes users feel comfortable. You will not be worried about carrying so many things to play TV.

4. Elegant design
Apple has always been famous for creating products with great and elegant designs. Apple TV looks like a small device that you can carry anywhere even in your pocket. Apart from this, the software interface is really nice and appealing. It looks more like a luxury product than a simple Apple TV. It takes your TV experience to another level.

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5. Access to apps on App Store
Apple also allows the Apple TV users to get access to different apps on its App Store through Apple TV. This is something great and users want it as well. Many times, we want to use other apps so we can get access to them with Apple TV. The apps include photo sharing, social media, weather and from few other categories.

6. You get better resolution
The Apple TV 4K is one of the best products you will see. According to users, the better resolution and amazing quality of display are the reasons why they prefer Apple TV over than products for TV. If you compare the display quality and resolution with other TVs, you will notice a significant improvement in Apple TV 4K.

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7. Much better performance
Apple products are known for their performance, sleek design and beautiful shape. From design, Apple TV is splendid. The performance is even better. It makes your TV experience worth enjoying. After using Apple TV 4K, you will not wish to switch to any other TV.

8. iTunes movies are free
if you have a large collection of iTunes movies, you can also get them on your Apple TV. The HD movies in iTunes get free upgrade in 4K and this will let you enjoy even better-quality videos and movies. It will not charge you anything extra and you can enjoy movies in 4K without spending anything.

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